Church Of God In Christ (COGIC) Quadrennial Elections Heating Up!  Will Rumors Of Affairs, Bastard Babies, Pay Offs, And Lawsuits Prove To Be To Much?  Who Will Come On The General Board And Who Will Come Off?  Bishops Show The National Church Your Tax Returns!!!

Posted on October 12, 2016


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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Well, the race for the White House has nothing on Quadrnial Elections for the Church Of God In Christ (COGIC).  The meeting of the General Assembly will take place following the worship services of the 109th Holy Convocation and it is going to be and obvious fight until the last vote is cast.  Myra Banks, form Houston, Texas and COGIC Elections Commissioner is actually a lay delegate that will be large and in charge talking loud and fussing as she gives instructions on how to cast the ballot.  Seems that the church would have an outside firm come in to handle the election that would have no friends to favor and no enemies to punish, but does not do a number of things that would be rational.  For example, a local elder can vote in the national election, but cannot when pastors are polled in their local jurisdictions for the next bishop. Social Media is smoking hot, text messages every five to ten minutes to close to 20,000 voting COGIC delegates!

The question remains who will get the one open seat since Bishop Roy L.H. Winbush is not seeking reelection and has been persona non grata at all national meetings this year.  It has been discovered that a lie came out of Tampa, Florida that one bishop running had a bastard child, which is very interesting considering who would have invested interest in blocking another man’s chances.  Alliances are being made and deals are being cut to get the next seat.  Who are the serious contenders and who is wasting their time and money?  One man stands head and shoulders above the rest running, which is why he was attacked most unexpectedly.  Since this is the church and those naming the name of God have always fought dirty even before Christ.  Jospeh was sold into slavery by his brothers and Jesus by his friend.  Money and power will make a man kill.  Never will I forget history being made in 2000 when Bishop Chander David Owens was unseated by his at one time best friend Bishop Gilbert Earl Patterson.  The church did not wait, but that very night he was removed and his wife asked to give up her seat.  

 Heartbreaking was the reality that Bishop Owens lost the church, but it was all to real.  Well, this year there are rumors that one man will rise to unseat the Presiding Bishop Charles Edward Blake, Sr.  Now many talk a big game, but punk out when it is time to strike to the mic during the meeting of the General Assembly.  Now the stage is set in the most intimidating fashion.  No time to campaign, but a quick knee jerk reaction.  After you run and get back on the General Board then the Chairman will ask the question.  Now who will be big enough and bad enough to stand up.  Who can out lead Blake?  If you could you would out shine him at home.  Now many men can build a $65 million church, but it is not about all the time how much you got.  Insiders say that the General Board has one man that will call for Blake to step down or have fellow board members vote to remove him (sounds impossible right) due to the issues at and LA church.  Barack Obama did not have as much as the men running against him, but he was able to step to the plate.  Only time will tell if rumors, lies, and social media rants have any effect on the election.  However, rumor has it that a General Board member actually killed a woman that was carring his child back in the 60s.  Sources say the young elder got into a heated argument with the lady that would have been his baby momma when she mysteriously fell down some stairs to her death and Bishop Ford, who was also an elder at the time helped clean it up.  The former guitar player was sent away.  

Insiders are saying that a current General Board member may have paid for Superintendent William Gaylord to file a false grievance with Bishop Roy Dixion in an attempt to keep one man from running.  The diabolical attack came out of Florida and it seems that four men may have come together to war against one.  The ring leader will make a bid for the top seat of the rumors are true.  Now most guys talk a big game, but get very intimidated when it comes time to step to the mic during the General Assembly.  Conjecture says that Bishop Blake will surly have competition this election if his greatest antagonist does not try to stand with a majority vote from fellow General Board members to force Blake to step down!

No one knows how ruthless a COGIC election can be then yours truly.  One man even sued me because he felt I and my platform was so large that I altered the course of his life.  No one know if he was actually right, but we went to court anyway.  Perhaps all this voting should not be in the church, but since it is we need to be more like the world and have full transparency!  SoI challenge all men running for the General Borad to disclose their tax returns!  Operate in full disclosure men!  Soon COGIC delegates will be able to vote right here on the blog with a real time results.

The race for National Trustee Board has some fresh new faces, but will not allow a real determination to be made until we hear the speeches.  One person running has been caught up in sex scandal and never before have you seen a COGIC bishop naked on the World Wide Web, but he is eligible to run.  Now the race for General Secretary is hot and heavy!  Bishop Joel Lyles has been there since A.Z. Hall died, but he has some serious competition with Dickerson Wells and Derrick Huttchins.  It was from the office of General Secretary that Bishop Walter Wyatt Hamilton ran and got on the General Board.  Both of these men have been and held elected positions in the church and the two of them each faced scandal as well, but seemed to have successfully rebounded.  

The real fight is going down in the Borad Of Bishops Chambers!  Will Daddy SHEARD remain chairman?  Has the lawsuit with Albert Galbraith prove to be to much?  Will the men reelect a man that sued his chairman and me, 30 year old elder, back to office?  Did the bishops really have a $300,000 in cash floating around?  Only time will tell.  Perhaps the men that are leaking confidential information should be exposed to the world.  Bishops that take other men and women of God before an unjust judge should go!  Will the pastors and elders council prove to be strong once again or will new leadership be necessary?  

The heat is on now sound off Obnoxious Readers!  



1. Bishop George Adebanjo


2. Bishop Charles Blake – Incumbent


3. Bishop P. A. Brooks – Incumbent


4. Bishop Charles Brown


5. Bishop Prince Bryant, Sr.


6. Bishop Corby Bush


7. Bishop Charles Connor


8. Bishop Sedgwick Daniels – Incumbent


9. Bishop Ronnie Gibson


10. Bishop David Allen Hall, Sr.


11. Bishop G. Wesley Hardy


12. Bishop Michael Eugene Hill


13. Bishop Darrel Hines


14. Bishop Jerry Macklin – Incumbent


15. Bishop Loran Mann


16. Bishop Willie Matheney


17. Bishop Charles McClelland


18. Bishop George McKinney – Incumbent


19. Bishop Michael Paden


20. Bishop Sam Ram Paul


21. Bishop Brandon Porter – Incumbent


22. Bishop J. Drew Sheard – Incumbent


23. Bishop A. LaDell Thomas, Jr.


24. Bishop Ted Thomas – Incumbent


25. Bishop Nathaniel Wells – Incumbent


26. Bishop Frank O. White – Incumbent


27. Bishop Matthew Williams


28. Bishop Lawrence Wooten – Incumbent


29. Bishop William Wright


1. Supervisor Diana Banks


2. Bishop-Designate Derrick Hutchins


3. Bishop Joel Lyles – Incumbent


4. Bishop Dickerson Wells


1. Elder Charles Hill


2. Bishop Charles Harrison Mason Patterson – Incumbent


1. Bishop Frank A. White – Incumbent



1. Evangelist Cari Barnes -Incumbent


2. Elder Darin Burns – Incumbent


3. Minister Marlon Bush


4. Pastor Joseph Chase – Incumbent


5. Pastor Michael Golden – Incumbent


6. Elder David Hall, Jr. – Incumbent


7. Evangelist Sandra Jones – Incumbent


8. Evangelist Sylvia Law – Incumbent


9. Supervisor Mildred Linzy – Incumbent


10. Mother Georgia Macklin-Lowe – Incumbent


11. Elder Kale Mann


12. Superintendent Christopher Martin


13. Evangelist Lanelle Perry


14. Elder Josephus Shepherd – Incumbent


15. Elder Amos Smith – Incumbent


16. Evangelist T. Lynn Smith


17. Dr. Ailean Stingley – Incumbent


18. Superintendent Jerome Strickland, Sr.


19. Superintendent Melton Timmons – Incumbent


20. Bishop Dwight Walls – Incumbent


21. Elder Kenneth Williams


22. Superintendent Kevin Williams

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