Final Viewing Of Gospel Music Artist Lecresia Campbell 

Posted on October 11, 2016


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To put a end to the countless calls, emails, text messages and other forms of communication that Lecresia Campbell funeral and remains was not in Atlanta!  It was out of respect for the deceased and the family that I did not show the photos of the remains.  However, since my integrity was questioned I feel the need to end the rumors.  Lecresia Campbell funeral and burial was in Atlanta Friday Night and she was buried Saturday Morning.  

We were told that it was a casket at the church in Chicago, but it was clearly empty because she was already laid to rest while the Chicago Memorial Service was taking place.  Death brings out the best and worst in people so young and old put your final wishes in writing.  It is so sad that an individual’s death has to be overshadowed by rumors and gossip.

Additionally, family members if you was estranged from a person during their life do not jump up and make decisions that you know they would have not been pleased with in their death.  Far to often people pass away that was not in fellowship with thief biological family and in their death they step in and call shots that directly contradict what the deceased would have been pleased with in life.  Let this be a lesson to all of us to get our business in order!