BUSTED!!!  OMG!!!  WTF!!!  University City Church Of God In Christ (COGIC) Pastor Micheal Stevens Having Five Extra Marital Affairs All With Members Of His Church And Two Are Also Married

Posted on September 29, 2016


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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God meets Obnoxious Extreem Ratchet Behavior Exposed……Obnoxious Readers you all are going to so upset with me to know I have sat on this story for close to a month now. Those of you that read and follow my blog know I posted a story on Pastor Micheal Stevens in Charlotte that peeled back like an onion. The layers is actually amazing and best described Church, Sex, and Rock and Roll. This theory at first sounded crazy at best, but once we began to dig into the connections of various pastors and preachers it actually made very good and practical sense. According to my Obnoxious Street Committee there are two married women that are members of University City Church Of God In Christ that Pastor Micheal Stevens is sexing.  Seems  to have been methods used by him to entrap and keep his women loyal, but  sex with the pastor might more than a way to obviously  climb in the church leadership ranks as sick as it sounds.

A member of my Obnoxious Street Committee  had in-boxed me on Facebook about a pastor of a mega church in Charlotte having an alleged affair with two married women symoteniously, yet he wanted to become bishop and form a new jurisdiction in the Church Of God In Christ.   As if living right before God means anything anymore Pastor Micheal Stevens admitted his multiple relationships and even said that he would like the national church to form a department for the men and women in leadership that have extra marital affairs to find restoration and he would be willing to lead it.  So much for wishful thinking, but most likely that will never happen and Stevens might not ever get the chance to lead his own jurisdiction.  Pastor Stevens said that he was not busted, but once the word got out he willing submitted himself to Bishop Blake, the presiding bishop and the General Borad for their correction. It was there determination during the Church Of God In Christ Bishop’s Conference to suspend Micheal Stevens consecration until further notice.   

 Yeah!!!  Oh My Gawd!!!  WTF!!!

A huge mess and a bunch of Micheal’s inappropriate text messages were discovered by Kevin Rogers, who’s wife is Lasharee Rogers worked as leaders of the youth ministry.  The second affair is with a woman by the name of Kim Autry, who is marred to Tyrelle, a deacon at the church that most recently was made adjutant to Pastor Stevens.  Obnoxious Media is not sure what came of the investigation, but it is time to reveal the truth members of the Obnoxious Street Committee shared last year.

 According to University City Church Of God In Christ inside members Pastor Micheal Stevens has been busted having affairs with five different women in his church all at the same time.  It only took one husband to find out for whole situation to spiral out of control.  However, Pastor Stevens has done the noble thing and owned up to his falling short and even took a sabbatical to get himself right with God.  He says he and his wife are in a good place and moving forward.

 I did get a chance to speak to Pastor Micheal Stevens and he admitted something things in his personal life have surfaced, but he and his wife were in a good place and being totally transparent.  He shared that he had taken a sabbatical and has been restored and issued an official statement:

Read the e-mails sent on this complicated love triangle with five different women at his church below:

William, things now have just heated up. Someone has written a detail letter about all the dirty laundry and skeletons of Pastor Stevens. The letter went out to all the leaders in the church and some of the COGIC leader board members as well. This joker Stevens got mad and thought it was one of the women that he slept with. So he calls them up to threaten them that he would call their jobs and husbands back to tell them detail from detail of what happen. Remind you, he never confessed in full what had happen to his congregation, he just said that he had sinned and not telling them the whole story. He’s upset now because he is really getting exposed and he’s upset that this may cause him to lose his chance of becoming a Bishop for COGIC. It’s getting hot now bro. 

On Tuesday, September 27, 2016, Exposed One <exposedaunexposed@gmail.com> wrote:

Omg!! I hope you haven’t finished this story yet, just found out some very reliable news and this is not a rumor. Pastor Stevens in the past have been physically abusing his wife Sharon Stevens. Her hair dresser Dwayne Bynum notice, which she confines in a lot been noticing like soft spots that were on her head. This guy has been doing hair for a long time so he notice the signs and bruised marks right away. That’s when he asked her about it and she told him. After that, Dwayne no longer attended UCC because he knew what was going on. I guess Pastor Stevens kinda of suspected she enjoyed going over to his beauty salon a lot and there friendship got closer and he told her to stop going over there. So he shut that down real quick. It’s amazing when Gods grace and mercy is lifted off your dark sins, everything starts to come to the light. Smh

On Monday, September 26, 2016, Exposed One <exposedaunexposed@gmail.com> wrote:
I sent you the names down below. Ok the women from the past that I just know of is a single sista that still works there name Patrice Delk, it seems like every time she would date someone he would shut it down. That’s because he was smashing it left and right. She works mostly with the advertisement and the event planning of the church. 

Pam Stitt is another sista that he smashed, she was a leaders wife during that time but they are divorce now. He took advantage of her during trouble in their marriage. That sista was kinda on the looney side but he made sure that didn’t stop him from receiving oral sex from her. 
The next sista I know of is Louis Hill, smh she was pastor Stevens wife armorbearer. He use to go over her house to watch Netflix and talk, that’s all he did. Rightttt? Those are the words that came out of his mouth. This girl was young enough to be his daughter as well. Watching Netflix……..you got to be kidding me! You know he was smashing that. 

Ok the recent women that have been exposed over the past two months are 1st, Lasharee Rogers. Her husband name is Kevin Rogers. She has been having an affair with pastor Stevens for 3 years now. Lasharee and her husband were the youth directors of UCC. Not anymore. Her husband is the one that exposed the whole thing when he found inappropriate text messages on her phone coming from pastor Stevens. 

The next woman which is the most shocking to me is Kim Autry. He has been having a five year affair with her. Her and her husband (Tyrelle Autry) were both leaders in the church. Tyrelle was a deacon coming up to be a armor bearer to pastor Stevens. Lol, ain’t that some mess, smashing his wife then you are going to promote the husband to be your armor bearer. Kim would travel out to business trips with her other job working for Low’s and he would fly out to meet her at the hotel. For six years William….six years. These were members that been going there for over ten years and he married them too. Ain’t that some crap!

These are only women that I know but there are others. Let me know if you need anything else and when you post this story. He think he has gotten away with it because of all these past protesting events that’s been happening but I’m not going to let it slide. 

———- Forwarded message ———-

From: Exposed One <exposedaunexposed@gmail.com>

Date: Sunday, September 11, 2016

Subject: mega cogic pastor having a five year affair.

To: “Sir William G. McCray, III” <williamgmccrayiii@gmail.com>

Ok the youth director is Lasharee Rogers. His other lover name is Kim Autry and her husband name is Tyrelle Autry. Pastor Stevens wife name is Sharon Stevens. Other women in the past that been rumors he messed with is Patricia Delk, Pam Stitt, and Louis Hill.

On Friday, September 9, 2016, Sir William G. McCray, III <williamgmccrayiii@gmail.com> wrote:

Of course I need names.

You will never be mentioned.

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On Sep 9, 2016, at 12:08 PM, Exposed One <exposedaunexposed@gmail.com> wrote:
You don’t need names do you?

On Wednesday, September 7, 2016, Exposed One <exposedaunexposed@gmail.com> wrote:

But some of the leaders did get mad and leave. They were very upset with him. 

On Wednesday, September 7, 2016, Exposed One <exposedaunexposed@gmail.com> wrote:
Oh boy, were can I start. I’ll just give you the most recent. Pastor Stevens is well known for hard preaching especially against, other pastors sins, homosexuals, weak men, etc. He’s known to expose other people’s sins without hesitation but the tables turned on him this time. He slept with two of his leaders wives at the same time. One of the married ladies were over the youth department. He have been having affair with her for 3 years. She’s married and have kids but that didn’t stop him. The other lady, which surprise me a lot was a very committed servant in the church. Her and her husband have been members there for over eleven years. Pastor Stevens have been having an affair with her for 5 years. During that time he elevated her husband to be an armor bearer and everything. I guess he wanted to keep he close. Really, this is some David in the Bible stuff her. The two ladies that were having an affair with him never knew each other were being played. So how he got caught was the youth director husband picked up her phone and found some inappropriate text messages from Pastor Stevens to her. He got upset and confronted her, that’s when it all came out with her. So the 2nd chick found out because it was exposed and she got real jealous and started acting emotional. Her husband started to feel suspicious so he confronted her and she came out with everything. He was crushed and confronted pastor Stevens. Pastor Stevens was apologizing then he begin to become all tough guy at the husband at started to yell. Why? Idk. Now these are not rumors but true facts. I’ve had a conversation with two of the main sources. 

So First Lady got all upset but she some how came around and started to support her husband. She blamed the women and said that her husband got to high and had no one to talk to. That’s why he did what he did. Pastor Stevens over the past have always been the top rumor around church that he was messing around but he never got exposed. One know for a fact that there have been several women that he smashed. Trust me, I’ve been that close to him. So back to these recent actions, so after two weeks he tried to keep it on a hush hush but things started to get exposed. He first had a meeting with his leaders and they drilled him. But nothing happened. He did sit his own self down from the pulpit and one of his leader Mario Hodge is preaching. So things start to get hot so he had a second meeting with the members and the leaders after service this past Sunday. Now this is nothing but pride, this fool asked the church to forgive him but he didn’t tell them what for. He said that he sinned but didn’t tell them what he did. They all drunk the tainted kook aid and started to rally behind this negro. They don’t even know what he did. Now there are two other marriages fighting to stay together because he slept with the wives. The leaders told everyone not to call or communicate with them. Why? Isn’t that crazy? They said that so that the whole truth won’t be exposed. Real talk: they barely have enough people to keep that church operating. If members leave they have nowhere else to go, pastor would have to give up his big house on the lake and all his vehicles, the biggest one he would lose out of being bishop up under COGIC. Crazy thing about it is most of those very leaders were real close to the victims and some of them turn their back on them. They blamed the women also.

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On Sep 7, 2016, at 9:00 PM, Exposed One <exposedaunexposed@gmail.com> wrote:

Yes sir…..the one that took over New Birth Church in Huntersville, NC

On Wednesday, September 7, 2016, Sir William G. McCray, III <williamgmccrayiii@gmail.com> wrote:

University COGIC right

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On Sep 7, 2016, at 1:21 PM, Exposed One <exposedaunexposed@gmail.com> wrote:

I don’t maybe but this COGIC playboy have just got exposed for sleeping with not one but two married women in the church and they both are married. Members trying to be hush hush about because his up for making bishop but I’m exposing all his skeletons.

On Wednesday, September 7, 2016, Sir William G. McCray, III <williamgmccrayiii@gmail.com> wrote:

Is he the one that wanted to start a fellowship?

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> On Sep 6, 2016, at 11:59 PM, Exposed One <exposedaunexposed@gmail.com> wrote:>

> Brother, I have some news for you tomorrow about a Charlotte COGIC pastor having a five year affair with a leaders wife in his church (University City Church/Pastor Stevens). It just got exposed these past two weeks. Some members and himself are trying to cover it up.

>Exposed One