Posted on September 2, 2016


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Singer Janelle Monáe is in mourning over the loss of her cousin, who was killed in a drive-by shooting in Kansas City, Kansas on Tuesday night.

Natasha Hays, 37, and her teenage children were asleep when an unknown individual opened fire on the house at 3:45 a.m., Fox4 reports.
According to the outlet, the teens – ages 18, 16, and 14 years old – were unharmed but awoken by the gunfire and cried out for their mother. The 14-year-old reportedly entered Hays’ bedroom and discovered her body.
Twitter on Wednesday to grieve and express her frustration about rising death toll due to firearms in the United States.
Last year, Monáe, 30, released “Hell You Talmbout” – a protest song that referenced Trayvon Martin, Freddie Gray, Sandra Bland, Eric Garner and other names of black individuals killed by police violence and hate crimes.