Posted on August 23, 2016


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EVERYTHING IS GOING DOWN, BUT THE WORD OF GOD……Months after gospel singer Israel Houghton stepped down from his position as worship leader at Pastor Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas, he was welcomed back with open arms when he attended a service last Sunday.

Osteen’s mother, Dolores “Dodie” Osteen, posted an image of herself with Houghton who recently got engaged to talk show host Adrienne Bailon.
“One of my favorite people & singers Israel Houghton visited us today. Our family was so glad,” Dodie tweeted.
Notice Joel’s mother said he visited, but not that he was back.  How do you a visit a church where you are a member and alleagedly still on staff?  The so called so deep and spiritual singer good boy image was shattered when photos of him on the beach with his now fiancé while he was still married surfaced. 
The singer also expressed his jubiliation for being back at home with his church family in a message on Instagram where he shared the same photo of himself with Dodie.

It seems tha now his personal life is in some decent order that he might be back at the church in his original capacity, but his account and Dodie are two very different messages.  Bottom line is Israel Houghton started seeing and cheating on his wife three years ago when he met Adrienne Bailon on the set of a movie he was producing.  Now he is about to wife up his side chick like any common rapper or famous celebrity, but is so sad is Israel professes salvation and not living a nickel’s worth of dog meat. 

“SO refreshing to be home @lakewoodchurch this morning sitting next to this Queen @dodieosteen hearing my friend @realjohngray bring a powerful message. @dadra @imstevecrawford @petewilsons & the team led an amazing worship experience. My heart is happy today. #ILoveMyChurch,” he wrote.

Houghton took an indefinite leave from Lakewood Church earlier this year, according to a statement from the church.
“We can confirm that Israel is on indefinite leave, but it is important to clarify that we still consider Israel to be a part of the Lakewood family and that his employment has not been terminated,” the church said in a statement, according to KHOU-TV.

Based upon that statement it seems Joel had him lay low until he got his personal life in some type of order.  Wonder if Israel was on paid leave or not while he divorced his wife and got his fat tail down on one knee to ask his hoe to marry him so he could keep his good gig and Lakewood and not get dropped from his record label.  Damn and we thought he was one of the last good guys!