T.I.’s Restaurant Gets Hit With Eviction Notice For Over 1 Million Dollars In Back Rent!

Posted on August 12, 2016


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T.I.’s restaurant gets hit with eviction notice
Rapper T.I.’s upscale Atlanta restaurant Scales 925 has been served with an eviction notice for more than $1 million in back rent by its landlord.

The rapper’s blaming a business partner, Charles Hughes, saying he “disrespected his brand.”
T.I. posted a pic of Hughes on Instagram, warning, “He is NOT associated with me or my company in any capacity. We have NO dealings or partnerships outside of my restaurant . . . which was a HUGE mistake in hindsight.” The image was later deleted.
Page Six reported last month that 12 of the restaurant’s employees have also sued for unpaid wages.
A rep said at the time, “We take allegations like this seriously and are looking into the matter,” but did not comment on the latest drama.