Chuch Of God In Christ (COGIC) Quadrennial Election This November Vote For Bishop Darrell Hines!

Posted on August 10, 2016


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The Holy Convocation is quickly approaching and all roads lead to St. Louis.  Every four years it comes time to get behind some choice men to lead the church.  The world, nation, and the church as a whole is facing some seriously tough times that require sound leadership.  Without question Darrell Hines is such a man.  His experience and expertise will be a most valuable assist to the Church Of God In Christ General Board.  

While at Morehouse one of my academic advisors told me of a old proverb:  A general was at war and he had two infantries fighting.  One was doing well and the the other was loosing badly.  The general had to make a decision where to send his backup.  He sent reinforcement to the infantry that was doing well rather then put good men lives at risk with the soldiers that were loosing.  COGIC stop putting support behind men that are not doing well just because they have been there before and look at what it has accomplished.  This is a critical moment in world history and you want men in place that will make the right decisions.

 Bishop Darrell Hines candidate for the Church Of God In Christ General Board!

Left up your voice like a Trumpet In Zion!  Delegates let your voice be heard in November!  
Read and learn more about this man God has made choice of below: