Minister Of Music Jamar Esaw And Leader Of Gospel Group Triad For Christ Sexual Text Messages With A Male Musician–Checkout Photos, Screeshots, Gay Social Media Profile–Warning Parental Advisory Adult Content Do Not Enter If You Are Easily Offended!!! 

Posted on August 9, 2016


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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……My Obnoxious Street Committee has informed us of Jamar Esaw and his group Triad For Christ has a great deal in common with Kevin Terry, the Gospel Singer caught on tape performing oral sex on a male lover.  Jamar has not been caught on tape, but there are a number of extreme questionable screeshots of text messages and photos that are eyebrow rasing at best.  According to the information provided Minister of Music Jamar Esaw has alleagedly had an inappropriate relationship with a guy.  The two are said to have played a the same church and later Jamar reached out to the guy via social media.  

The two guys meet and then went out to eat at Jamar’s invitation.  Originally intended to be totally about ministry purposes quickly transformed into something far more sinful and personal.  Now according to the informant he was shocked and overwhelmed by Jamar’s sexual advances he submitted.  Now Obnoxious Media did speak to Jamar reluctantly through a mutual friend. He totally denied any involvement and even said that he had been hacked and was not sure how any of the photos or screenshots were taken.  Not sure why someone would go through such great lengths to lie on Jamar and what would they have to gain.

Screeshots of text messages have been sent along with photos and messages form Grinder, a gay media app. 

Read the e-mail sent to Obnoxious Media below:

Hi William,

I first met Jamar Esaw a few years back on myspace. I then finally meet him in person when he came to a rehearsal at a local COGIC church I used to play at. Jamar later then inboxed me asking for my number then invited me to sit down and have dinner with him at Olive Garden which I thought was strictly for ministry purposes only. (obviously he had hidden motives) Not long after dinner we left olive garden and went to his car (a maroon chevy not to sure on the exact model) were he let me listen to his Triad 4 Christ choir CD. We were chatting for about an hour he then told me how fine and cute he seduced me with a kiss. Then he forced me to have sex with him in his car. (NOT KNOWING I WAS UNDER AGE) After he had sex with me. He started to ignore me to protect himself, his choir, and his reputation. I felt awful cheap and used! Im not the only person he has done this two. Allegdly he has been involved with other young men in the Twin Cities area.