BUSTED!  Pastor Ryan Fontenot Alleagedly Had An Affair With A Married Woman He Met On Facebook Details And Screeshots Inside!!!

Posted on August 8, 2016



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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Well, my Obnoxious Street Committee has taken us back to visit Denver, Colorado just a little over a year since our last explosive story coming out of the mile high city.  This time we will visit The Rock Church Denver where Ryan Fontenot is the pastor and was mentioned in the e-mail that showed up in our in box a year ago that was loaded with dynamite.  Saints hold on to your seats for this one cause it is going to be a bumpy ride.  It seems that Ryan Fontenot is allegedly not cohabiting with his wife and four children.  According to screeshots provided to Obnoxious Media that you Wil find below to prove the claim that all is not well in the Fontenot household.

 Ryan has engaged in some serious conversations over Facebook that allegedly lead to a possible sexual encounter with another married woman.  Now this came as a shock to us here at Obnoxious Media after last year talking to Ryan and his emphatically denying any of the allegations launched aganist him.  After speaking to him last week for over an hour the pastor at first began to deny the screenshots and even attempted to claim the chats were not coming from his Facebook until we proved that to not be true.  Simply if you search a cell phone number in the Facebook search box it will pull up the account associated with that cell number and does the same for the e-mail address.  After being instructed to do so on his on phone Ryan quickly changed his story.  

 Almost in a confessional Rayn shared that he was having some martial issues and while they were in the mist of that he got distracted.  Not he did firmly admit to chatting with the woman, but that he never met and had sex with her.  However, if you just lied about the conversation surely you would lie about actually having sex.  Rayn and I ended our conversation on a good note and we did not think it was much of a story until further evidence was provided that proved Ryan was not being honest.  In fact he said that our last story did not effect him or his church and one this time would not.  We explained to him it is not our goal to destroy lives or churches, but to spark discussion when ungodly things happen in the Name of God.  He claims tha he has an attorney on the matter and the authorities involved due to the woman making threats aganist him and his family.

 Now read the e-mail sent to Obnoxious Media below:

Mr. Obnoxious,

listen hunty.. apparently this Pastor of “The Rock Church of Denver” Pastor Ryan J. Fontenot has been cheating on his wife(The One He Say He Loves, His Children’s Mother) but the dog who cried wolf said otherwise, when her and Pastor Ryan J Fontenot got into a heated argument.. and she said that she was going to tell it all…and baby the screenshots was a cup of tea, with a lil bit of DJ Kool ‘Let me clear my throat”..cause according to this screenshots that Ryan say are fake…adds up to him being a undercover chaplin in the dm trying to get with a MARRIED woman…and we know that God don’t hook us up, with someone that’s already hooked up. So, the apparently Ryan and his Wife has been having problems(according to Ryan’s ;Wife Kalina “Ups and downs”) but the ups and the downs wasn’t her on him.. it was Shannon up and down on Ryan, whom he cheated on his still today Married…but seperated wife Kalina….According to Ricky(Shannon Husband) Ryan was trying to meet his wife, Shannon inDallas, based off the messages that he obtained from his Wife Shannon in her phone. His Wife and Ryan did meet & had sex, because during a full blown on out ARGUMENT between Ricky’s Wife & Ryan’s Wife on Facebook…she told it all! When I say all Obnoxious… , I mean all..witholding nothing like William Mcdowell said. According to the screenshots, Ryan has been talking with this Shannon girl since August 18, 2015,…and could be earlier in August of 2015…but we rockin with the screenshots date for NOw. To this date, Ryan and his Wife are not living in the same house….. they are only married during conferences and sunday morning services. However, they are still legally married..but let the screenshots testify on Ryan, Ricky, Kalina, and Shannon behalf! Also, Ryan is allegedly to be Gay according to one of your blogs in the past years…and according to this picture that I obtained.

Checkout the screenshots of Ryan chatting with the alleged married woman and his wife argument with her and Ryan’s wife chatting with the husband of the woman below:

Obnoxious Media would like to congratulate Ryan Fontenot on his Apolstic Afrimation by Apostle John Brannon on August 26, 2016.

Read the original story that took us to Denver a little over a year ago below:

Busted! Brandon Garrett True Light Baptist Church Minister Of Music By Day And Cross Dressing Prostitute By Night!!!


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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Well, my Obnoxious Street Committee takes us to visit True Light Baptist Church in Denver, Colorado where William T. Golson is the pastor but so serious drama is going on in the mist of the Saints. It seems that the Minister of Music Brandon Garrett is allegedly a cross dressing prostitute by night and has photos and his ads to prove it.

It seems that Brandon has a very serious clientele and one pastor by the name of Timthoy Tyler as well. Now this is all coming as a shock and we have not had a chance to speak to all parties involved as of yet, but we wanted to give you this as soon as we got the information.

Please keep your eyes posted to the blog for updates as this story is yet developing.

Please note that Obnoxious Media does not know this to be true and all is alleged based upon the e-mail sent to Mr. Obnoxious.

UPDATE! October 28, 2014

I have had a chance to talk to Brandon Garrett and he has CONFIRMED these photos are in fact of him and that he was escorting, but never has done anything with a child or the other people mentioned in the e-mail sent to Obnoxious Media. We have discussed his telling his story on our platform to share how he made this mistake and got caught in this questionable behavior. He admitted it is very big money in this line of work and caused him to make unwise decisions.
Now read the e-mail sent to me below:

Run it today and I promise to send screen shots of a Denver pastor having convo with a guy in St Louis he had sex with during AME conference…look up his story from the past (Timothy Tyler)

True Light Baptist Church

Current Music Leader: Brandon Garrett (Wichita, KS)

Former Music Leaders: Bonita Edwards (Montgomery, AL), Jarion Hamm (Roanoke, Virginia), Rayshaun Walker (Birmingham, AL)

Pastor: Williams T Golson (Charleston, SC), Melvia Golson (Prattville, AL)

2nd Largest Baptist Church in Denver

Yearly budget of 2.2 million

Brandon was spotted wearing panties by one of the youth choir members and the teenager told their mother. The mother told the Pastor but he didn’t do anything. He had a meeting with the deacons and they decided to keep Brandon after he confessed that he was gay and like wearing women clothes.

They let him lead the childrens choir although it is confirmed that he slept with 2 of the male members. He also has been in a 7-month relationship with a male praise team member. He has been spotted coming out of a downtown denver hotel with the Pastor of the church also.

True Light Minister of Music by day and active escort in Denver by night. His clients pay up to $500 for an evening with a special ending.

I was his roommate so I got nosey and looked through his phone one dat. I found out that all the late night dissapearances was him WORKING with his wigs and pumps. Naked pictures from the young Pastor Ryan Fontenot were found in Garrett’s phone also. They seem to be really good friends from what I read but they are both bottoms so I’m sure it is only friendship. I plan to send those to you for part two of this story.


Everything going down but the word of God boo

We have called the church pastor and Brandon, but have not had the opportunity to speak to any of them prior to posting to the blog!!!

Checkout the alleged ad of Brandon below in drag!