Draymond Green Accidentally Posts A Nude Photo On Snapchat-Adult Content Parental Parental Discretion Advised

Posted on August 2, 2016


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Draymond Green, the Golden State Warrior famous for kicking opponents right in the dick, accidentally posted a picture of his own schlong on Snapchat on Sunday and, for some reason, left it up for about 10 minutes before deleting it.

“What does Draymond Green’s member look like?” you ask. It looks like a penis. But you can look below if you want to see what he is working with ladies and some guys (pineapple juice drinkers)
After realizing his mistake, Green went with a tried and true classic excuse for how his manhood ended up on social media:
Oh, Draymond. Literally nobody believes you.

People took to Twitter to let him know just that in a variety of ways, including the soul-crushing and unavoidable crying Jordan.
@Money23Green sorry but pic.twitter.com/NkkpgX4cxD
— Abhay #HRC (@sfwarriorsfan) July 31, 2016
In any case, Green eventually came clean and admitted what we all knew. He wasn’t hacked. Dude just pushed the wrong button.  He eventually came clean.
Look, it happens to the best of us.