Sleazy Bag Jamal Bryant Goes Public With New Girlfriend R&B Singer Tweet, Introduces Her As His “Last Lady” In A Desperate Attempt To Remain Relevant While Refusing To Adknowledge His Basterd Son  

Posted on August 1, 2016



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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……So the Sleaze Bag so called preacher that has bastard children all over the nation that made a joke about his rolling stone behavior is offensive and a reproach to the church.  It is amazing that FOX Network did not give a damn about the black family.  LaToya Odom is renting a in the the house of a friend and using Uber as her transportation while the father of her son drives a Bentley and wears custom suits.

Preachers is a horrible show at best and all of the black male co-host should morals and salvation should be called into question.  It seems that E. Dewey Smith went on a huge tirade defending homosexuality, but he does not give a damn about his Herritic co-host that does not mind busting his nutt in any common church whore willing to trun her ass up to the heaven to let Jamal hit it.  Most of his women a extremely disappointed in his size and performance or the lack there of or how fast his session ends.  The producers obviously could not find one half way attractive preacher to co-host.  The fat dude with the gap so wide you can drive a mac truck through it looking like a poor imitation of Jackass Jakes, E. Dewey Smith who is basic at best, and the other guy with the twist.  How can you all stand it.  

Preachers want to to have fame and fortune and are no long serious about ministry.  Serve God’s people and your community, but no they want to be celebrities.  Like Ron Gibson of  Preachers Of LA said they want to be like Jay-Z and P. DIDDY more than they want to be like Jesus.  The Lord and Savior rode in on a donkey not in a custom suit in a Bentely.  Now they will lie and say they are reaching the world for Chirst, but is a bold face lie.  Women have sit by and let Jamal get a pass when the Bible says a man that will not take care of his children is worst then an unbeliever:

 1 Timothy 5:8 

But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel. 

Attention all saints and sinners! Pastor Jamal Bryant has a new lady in his life. And it’s none other than R&B singer Tweet.  This is a desperate publicicly stunt that this sleaze bag and whore hopper would use this so called talk show to announce his so called engagement.  Jamal is so damn desperate to remain relevant he must as well release some of his nasty sex tapes!

Well here’s a shocker!
Pastor Jamal Bryant and R&B songstress Tweet are an item. Yep, these two have been getting closer than close for at least the last year or so. Tweet first revealed she was dating the pastor on an episode of Centric’s “Being.”
Now, they’re ready to put their love on front street.
Pastor Bryant made the announcement that Tweet is the new lady in his life and that he plans on making her his “last lady” on a
episode of “The Preachers” that airs today.

As for how they met, Jamal says he bumped into her while walking through Times Squares on his way to an Oprah Winfrey movie premiere last year. He said he asked her for a photo and things took off from there. “We’ve grown into an incredible friendship, said Jamal. “I call her my last lady.” Oh?
During another segment, Jamal asked Tweet what was the hardest thing about being in a relationship with him and she said other women. Not surprised.

She dished:
“I guess it’s dealing with the women that send messages that said God said that they are your girlfriend. Then dealing with church people who say that I’m not Godly enough to be with him, but I have a relationship with God, so I’m good.”
While we’re all for black love, we just hope Tweet knows what she’s getting herself into. Pastor Bryant has a history of cheating as it has been reported he had a baby out of wedlock while married to “Real Housewives of Potomac” star Gizelle Bryant. And allegedly impregnated a woman (or two) in the church. They ended up getting a divorce in 2009.

Not saying people can’t change, but yeah, be careful Tweet.
In case you were not aware Jamal Harrison Bryant’s bastard son revealed below:


 Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……A shocking direct message popped up in my Instagram in-box on Monday of this week and knocked my socks off, and I am sure it will do the same for you. The Black Church will be forced to have a very undesired conversation about sex and sexuality or people’s lives will continue to be at risk in the Name of The Lord. Consistently, the church has refused to address difficult issues until something terrible happens, and even then the cover up begins and everyone attempts to upkeep the “church” image. No longer will you be allowed the luxury of sitting behind your pew and pretend you are “Alice In Wonderland” and the harsh realities of life does not exist. Today the veil you use to hide is being ripped to shreds, and snatched off while your pseudo efforts to protect the church or the Body Of Christ while others are becoming casualties in the process.

 Fox Network: Scott Rowe 818-954-5806

The lies must stop! How many people will continue to fall by the waist-side of being nothing more than damaged goods under the guise of “healing” in the church? So let the conversation began – After reading the direct message on Instagram, I decided to respond to the direct message from a woman sharing such personal information via social media.

 During a number of text messages, LaToya Odom, revealed she had been the lover of two well known preachers; and nine months ago, she gave birth to the son of one of them. It was in Wilmington, Delaware, while at a church conference hosted by Bishop Greg Davis that LaToya met Jamal Harrison Bryant. Hired by Bishop Greg Davis to be the on-site massage therapist during his event and his back-and-call “Jump-off”. You read it correctly! Greg Davis, according to LaToya, paid her for sex and took care of her for over a year while he was still married and pastoring in Wilmington. Jamal Harrison Bryant, the founder and pastor of Empowerment Temple in Baltimore, Maryland, is regularly called on to give his insight by media outlets and has been vocal surrounding issues of Civil Rights, Black Lives Matter, and anything that will afford him a photo op in the press. Most recently his ex-wife, Jazel Bryant, has been seen talking about him candidly on Bravo’s Real Housewives franchise. The recent NAACP Image Award Winner, according to LaToya, quickly made a move on her after she gave him a relaxing massage that provoked an erection of his penis. (Wonder what kind of massage therapist she really is?!). After waking him, she noticed the great preacher, who was only wearing a pair of boxer briefs was hard as Chinese Arithmetic when he pressed his manhood against her and started kissing her. This was the only their first meet. The two became friends and would frequently text each other and discuss a variety of topics, which made LaToya think there could be something more with her and Jamal than just sexual partners. (Apparently, she is clueless how the game works. Because he is exchanging texts, doesn’t mean he likes you. He is just feeding you bone to keep you nearby.)  

Time passed when LaToya Odom began to change her life. While being a member of Bishop Paul Sylvester Morton’s church, her GodMother, who was also a member, mentored LaToya and she recommitted her life to Christ. Knowing it was more to her than the sexual gratification of men, she accepted her call to the ministry. It was then that LaToya reconnected with Jamal after being celibate for three years. While he was in Atlanta on a preaching engagement, LaToya went to his service and he connected with him after church to give him another one of her infamous arousing massages. Trying to actually be friends with Jamal, LaToya asked him to mentor her in ministry and teach her the art of good preaching. Anything to be connected to some good sex, Jamal quickly accepted her request. Undressed again for one of LaToya “massages”, he disrobed down to his boxer briefs. After this massage, Jamal didn’t find it necessary to clothe himself, and made it clear he wanted to spend more time with his once lover and asked if he could “chill” at her place. It was at that time LaToya asked him to watch the DVD of her preaching her trial sermon and critique her. Laying on the couch half naked and cuddling with LaToya, they watched the sermon and discussed the things she did well and how she could make improvements then he made his move again. After abstaining for three years, it did not take much for LaToya to get in the mood. Needless to say, Jamal connected his erect penis to her moist vagina, and screwed her on a white rug and ruined it in the process. The good AME preacher and son of the Presiding Bishop of the oldest organized black church in America can never say no to sex, apparently, as history has told us. The past year and half has been extremely rough for LaToya Odom because she told Jamal Harrison Bryant she was expecting his child. The once friend and “f*ck buddy” got really harsh and nasty with LaToya and immediately told her he did not want it and demanded she have an abortion that he happily sponsor. LaToya seemingly wanted the baby for validation to lend credence that she was more than a just a church whore that was being passed around like a blunt on 04/20. Jamal, after a couple of days had passed, pleaded with LaToya to have an abortion because having this baby could ruin him (not thinking what it could possibly do to her or her body). The troubled pastor confessed that he was not sure he could survive another hit like this and needed for her to abort the baby. Jamal went into his survival mood and began to implement a plan to deal with the LaToya problem similar to how he approached Carlyon King, mother of Brian Carn’s son with $10,000 dollars in cash to go away. LaToya confided to her Godmother who is also close to First Lady Debora Morton about the pregnancy, and the word got back to the First Lady of the Full Gospel Baptist Fellowship, and she quickly distanced herself from LaToya. According to LaToya, Jamal’s close friend and former girlfriend called him and encouraged him to do the right thing and take care of his son.

  Well, instead of taking the advice of his friend, Jamal Bryant solicited the assistance of his friend, convicted felon, Luther McKinstry. To approach LaToya with a cash payoff and gag order. Luther has other things he should concern himself with e.g., staying out of prison (pictured below with his good friend Bishop Young Boy Booty Licking Eddie Long, who he just preached for this past Sunday). Jamal requested and paid for a paternity test and is in fact the father of his one and only son (that we know of). He also agreed to pay his standard $1,100 a month for child support that all of his children baby mamas get for rearing his children. The issue is, he is inconsistent in paying his child support and refuses to be a father figure to his only son while rallying Black Lives Matter Campaigns and speaking out against the injustices of Black Men. It is even more disturbing because Jamal lives in a mansion, drives a Bentley, and wears designer clothes while the mother of his only son lives in a rented room in Atlanta and has to use Über as a means of transportation. Jamal Harrison Bryant is not worthy to take a dog to the dog pound let alone pastor a church or attempt to be any type of so called leader in the community. It is ironic that Jamal would attempt to defend Brian Carn on a Spritual matter and he had this going on in his backyard the entire time.

  Well instead of doing right he solicited the assistance of his friend, convicted felon Luther McKinstry, now so called preacher to approach LaToya with a cash payoff and gag order to never come forward with the truth about her son. Luther needs to stop trying to threaten people with his past three visits to prison (pictured above with his good friend Bishop Young Boy Booty Licking Eddie Long, who he just preached for this past Sunday). Jamal requested and paid for a paternity test and is in fact the father and has only agreed to pay $1,100 a month, which is said to be the same amount all his other Baby Momma’s get a month. However, he has not consistently paid that amount nor will he see or have anything to do with his son. Jamal lives in a mansion, drives a Bentley, and wears designer clothes while the mother of his lives in a rented room in Atlanta and has to take Über as a means of transportation. Jamal Harrasion Bryant is not worthy to take a dog to the dog pound let alone pastor a church or attempt to be any type of so called leader in the community. It is ironic that Jamal would attempt to defend Brian Carn on a Spritual matter and he had this going on in his backyard the entire time.  

 The former friend of Obnoxious Media and in the early days informant called to SHUTSDOWN the very platform the mother of his son choose to use to tell her story to the world first with the exclusive interview, hear LaToya Odom in her own words below:  

Paternity test proving Jamal Harrasion Bryant is the father was provided to Obnoxious Media by LaToya Odom freely and willingly below: 









Scott Rowe 818-954-5806 

 Obnoxious Media would like to congratulate Jamal Harrasion Bryant on being a co-host on the new talk show Preachers! Due to over 1,200 request for the contact at FOX here is the information.

WBTV Contact:

Scott Rowe