Nathaniel Johnson III Wanted For Practicing Medicine Without A License   

Posted on July 9, 2016


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Drug Dealers and Killers Strike Again……Hate to report more bad news on Nathaniel Johnson.  Some years back when I had my public relations firm my office was in the same building on Cascade Road in Atlanta.  Johnson was ordained an Elder by Bishop Paul Sylvester Morton at his Changing A Genration Full Gospel Baptist Chuch in Atlanta shortly after he was released from prison.  In fact I will never forget the day the Feds raided offices for committing fraud and over and excessively billing Medical now he is wanted again.
OB-GYN wanted for practicing without a licenseAn OB-GYN who lost his medical license two years ago may be illegally performing surgical procedures at a cosmetic surgery center on Cobb Parkway, Cobb County police said Friday.
Warrants were obtained Friday for Nathaniel Johnson III as police investigate if he performed surgery without a license at the Hello Beautiful Cosmetic Surgery Center, according to a release.
“We had a female come to us and indicate she had a couple of procedures done,” Cobb police spokeswoman Alicia Chilton told Channel 2 Action News. Johnson restarted a business in Cobb, but it closed about a week ago, the news station reported.
Johnson’s license was revoked in 2014 after he admitted to Medicaid fraud and employing an unlicensed doctor, the according to information previously reported. His medical license wasn’t reinstated.
Johnson owned Regency Professional Health Services for Women, where he billed Medicaid more than $217,000 in expenses. He was given a 10-year sentence, but only served six months in the Fulton County Jail.
“There are definitely concerns there are more victims out there who underwent procedures,” Chilton told Channel 2. “He may have written prescriptions for them and was doing all that without a license.”