Boyz Gone Wild Update: Pastor Kirby Brown, Former Lead Singer Hezekiah Walker’s Chior, Church Male Love Triangle Ends With Fight, Tires Slashed, And Sex Tapes Revealed: Meet Elder Ian Brooks, Timothy Smith, And Pastor Emmanuel Richardson: WARNING PARENTAL DISGREASION ADVISED ADULT CONTENT DO NOT ENTER IF YOU ARE EASILY OFFENDED!!!! 

Posted on June 25, 2016



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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Well, here is an interesting update to a story we posted earlier this year.  According to insiders Timithy Smith, who was caught in a love triangle real identity has been revealed.  His legal name is actually Timothy Hooker and he was allegedly going with Pastor Emmanuel Richardson and Elder Ian Brooks, who is the adjutant to Pastor Kirby Brown, former lead singer of Hezekiah Walker’s Love Fellowship Crusade Chior.  As we informed you Emmanuel and Ian was to have got into a physical altercation over thier mutual boyfriend Tim.  Well, Tim might not get as innocent as he originally claimed and was not long ago arrested.  It seems he might have been stalking his ex-boyfriend and threatened them as a result of their love affair taking a trun for the worst.  

While Tim got arrested and dealing with his new legal issues Emmanuel Richardson has one his own church.  Obnoxious Media is not sure if he resigned on his own or if he was asked to leave, but now he has started his own church it will not matter what he does because he will kit have anyone to hold him accountable.  Emmanuel has been busted twice in two very explicit love affairs with men and has continued on in ministry as if it is not big deal.  Checkout his church below:

 Read the original Boyz Gone Wild post below:

Everything Is Going Down, But a The Word Of God meets Obnoxious Ratchet Behavior Exposed……Greetings Saints, you all know I have been extremely busy trying to take Obnoxious Media to another level and have not been posting as often as I would like. Know matter how many readers I have it is too important to me to try and share as much as I can directly from yours truly. To say the least, this post is gotten to be a bit much and will reveal just how deplorable some of the behavior of these so called men in ministry have become in the church today. It seems that there is no longer any accountability and everyone does whatever they want to do and apparently, it is okay. This “come as you are and screw whomever and as many people as you want mentality” is a bit much. No morals, no decorum, no ethics, no integrity, on anything in the churches anymore. To add insult to injury, it seems that we that are of the Holiness, Santified, or Pentacostal background are behaving far worst than the world. No wonder you do not hear of anyone being healed in church anymore! I am so sick of these Micky Mouse, Donald Duck bishops that I want to slap the Jesus into them, and their mamas. You want a title, but you cannot live a nickels worth of dog meat; You say you were called, but you get on your knees more to suck dick, eat ass, and pussy than you do to pray and seek God; You are on Social Media posting when you should be reading and studying the Word of God. 

Now that I have gotten that off my chest, let me get to this story at hand. On December 6, 2015, I was contacted by several people that I was reluctant to respond to; however, this past week I was sent an anonymous text message through a service called that allows you to text a number while keeping your identity hidden. The text said that they had some serious information for me that they had been trying to get to me since December. According to the text, Emmanuel Richardson had allegedly gotten into a physical altercation with Elder Ian Brooks, who is the adjutant to Pastor Kirby Brown, former lead singer of Hezekiah Walker’s Love Fellowship Crusade Chior. The text alleged the two men were involved with a guy by the name of Timothy Smith, who had broken off a relationship with Emmanuel Richardson.

After reading the text and scathing through thousands of unread Facebook messages, I found the messages from Tim. During a lengthy conversation he explained he was seeing Emmanuel and wanted to break it off due to his lies, controlling behavior, and cheating. According to Tim, Emmanuel refused to take no for an answer and showed up in North Carolina on December 6, 2015 and allegedly flattened all four of Tim’s tires while he was at church. Tim says he was only friends with Ian, although he has been visiting his church since all of this mess with Emmanuel occurred. Due to a Instagram and Facebook page believed to have been created by Emmanuel revealing very explicit sex videos and pictures of Tim, he was forced to come out to his mother, family, and church (where he has not returned since).

After talking to Pastor Kirby Brown who denied that a fight occurred, but acknowledged that some issue did exist and that he steered clear of it outside of rendering guidance. He also revealed that he attended a musical in Charlotte and was asked about the situation. Brown explained he did not socialize with his members and would not have allowed some foolishness like that to take place at his church and that he was glad I contacted him. However, something just does not add up. If nothing happened why are so many people contacting me? The story gets deeper! 

Rumor has it that a third party by the name of L. Antwan Terry, who allegedly had a threesome with Emmanuel and Tim was also accusing Emmanuel of having done these things, but wanted to remain in good standing with Emmanuel so that a page would not be created revealing some of his sexual exploits! 

A total and complete mess! No wonder the Saints cannot win the world cause they have far too much mess going on amongst themselves. Now in the past, Emmanuel Richardson has gone as far as to make Google voice numbers and e-mail addresses impersonating me, Sir William in an alleged attempt to threaten his ex-lovers. Now I reached out to Ian Brooks, who has not responded and Emmanuel Richardson denies everything except for being Facebook friends with Tim. However, he posted a confession on Facebook admitting to being bi-sexual.

Read an e-mail sent to me by one of my good members of my Obnoxious Street Committee close to all parties involved below:

Dear Mr. Obnoxious,

This is one of your anonymous bloggers. signing in to spill a little boiling hot tea, About Pastor Emmanuel Richardson, Pastor of Love Tabernacle Christian Methodist Episcopal Church In Atlanta, Georgia.
Some might remember her I mean him from an earlier story reported, when he was caught in an ungodly lip lock with Michael Crutchfield. Well I’m here to testify that Pastor Richardson has been a very busy young man.
So as I heard the story but don’t quote me because it’s what I heard during a little tea spilling session. Sometime in mid 2015 Emmanuel started dating a young man by the name of Timothy Smith. They dated for about 5 months with trouble off and on. Now here is where the good tea gets spilt. After Said victim Timothy Smith not only heard but witnessed multiple accounts of his infidelity and after a few more months decided to call it quits. And that’s when Emmanuel went from beloved pastor and self proclaimed classic man, to a woman opps I mean man scorned. After multiple attempts to win the affections of Mr. Smith back unsuccessfully he resorted to showing up at a musical in Greensboro NC about a week before thanksgiving, To Slash not one but four of his heart broken lovers tires. Yes children four tires and you know under the stress of this economy the saints can’t afford to be replacing tires like that.

Not to gossip but I heard that this is not the first time that Emmanuel allegedly couldn’t take no for an answer. Its told that he went to his ex-lovers home and pulled a Jasmine Sullivan yup my loves you guessed it. He bust the windows out the guys house. And reportedly went to the guys church and exposed not only himself but his ex-lover as well to the entire church.
Now back to our regularly scheduled program, I couldn’t hold that any longer a saint was about to bust from holding on to all this information. But any who….
I’m not even gonna bother to tell you it didn’t end there, but supposedly the harassment continued and honey everybody would soon see the wrath of the alleged Pastor. He would soon be accused of making and constructing the most God awful fb page containing very flattering but inappropriate photo’s of Mr. Smith. (clutches pearls) yes gurls he posted the boys cakes, pies, and everything in between on fb. Now this can not be the Godly upright ways and actions of a pastor. I’m not really sure how he even still holds the credentials or title given to him by those who have installed him as senior pastor.
Now mind you mind you sources report that this little stunt caused Timothy to confess his homosexual lifestyle to his mother brothers and all of the social media world. The children defiantly know how difficult it is to come out to a religious family, its enough to make anyone go down and to never return again. It’s said that even pictures and messages were sent to timothy’s church and Presiding Bishop, Its said that he has not returned to his church as of yet, but has found refuge at a local assembly in Danville Virginia.
Is it true children I don’t know but what I do know is that it sounds like that Emmanuel Richardson is a complete lunatic and doesn’t know how to leave well enough alone. Sir NO MEANS NO!!! Numerous sources say that Emmanuel still to this day continues to harass Timothy and stands by his word that if I cant have you no one will and that he will ruin his life.
SMH I don’t know what the out come of this situation will be but maybe if some light is shed on Pastor Richardson alleged bad behavior maybe he will straighten up and stay out of trouble. I Wonder how the saints at Love Tabernacle Christian Methodist Episcopal Church would feel about there Pastor being accused of being a sadistic psycho path. Its puzzling after numerous reports, blogs, pics, speculation, etc about Pastor Richardson, I would think that one would come to the realization that he should not be leading a flock of people saying I’m a pastor and I cant keep my name from being mentioned in scandal. But wait an even bigger question is why would people sit up under such tainted leadership.
We know that he didn’t inherit his fathers church, which is in the body of UNHC inc. But he was still sought after and installed as pastor in Atlanta. Even after he was exposed as being an open homosexual. Is this to say we all can be excused from bad behavior are the consequence of getting caught in a homosexual tryst being praised and given a church to pastor. It really makes me question the heart and intent of the leaders of this generation.
I’m not sure how this situation is going to end but I think we should all keep Richardson’s ex’s and next’s in prayer because its obvious if you plan on cutting ties with him. He will pull every cheap ploy, tactic, he can to make you miserable.  
Well I think my spout has run dry on tonight, signing off.
Truly yours Anonymous Blogger
Read Emmaunal Richardson’s Facebook confession below:

 Elder Emmanuel Richardson Installation Service as pastor with Bishop Kenneth W. Carter, Elder Janie E. Thomas, Bishop Ralph Donnie Graves, and Bishop Marc L. House, all must feel like fools and obviously have no discernment to have participated in the Installation of Emmanuel knowing full well prior scandals. Now less then six months later he has been busted in another scandal and relationship with a male lover. All the fore mentioned men should step down and publicly repent for having participated in Emmanuel’s mockery of the church. Obviously none of these men are worthy of office of Bishop to make this gross error in judgment! Next week meet this same group of the Installation of Donald Duck as pastor and Mickey Mouse Consencration as Bishop of the Dumb Ass Jurisdiction!

 Emmanuel Richardson exposed:





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Timothy Smith in full disclosure below: