The Late Bishop Gilbert Earl Patterson’s Of The Church Of God In Christ (COGIC) Illegitimate Son Corby Bush Revealed 

Posted on June 21, 2016


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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God
……The Late Bishop Gilbert Earl Patterson’s only biological son revealed on Facebook in a status celebrating his father.  Church of God In Christ (COGIC) insiders have known for years that Corby Bush was the son of presiding bishop, it was not common knowledge.  Now prior to his marrying Louise the great preacher had a child that he never married mother and it was kept hidden for years.  Perhaps had this been known by the masses it would have possibly altered the course of history.  Corby did walk Lousie in the Homegoing Services along with Bishop Darrell Hines.  However, his name was not mentioned in the obituary as his son.  Bishop Gilbert Earl Patterson and Evangelist Delphine Richardson were involved and knew each other in the Bibical sense and a child was conceived.  Most of the inner circle in COGIC have been aware of this for years, but Corby Bush has revealed the truth on Facebook on his own accord.

Everyone is pulling out all stops this election year and Bush is running for the General Board.  Possibly this will help or may even hurt his chances, but the truth is the truth and it is time to stop with all the hidden secrets and living a lie.  It would be great if more men and women were brave enough to walk in their truth like Bush.  So he might be considered to be illegitimate, but what is worst is living a lie.  Close to a decade after his father passed he has found the in inner strength to tell the world Gilbert was his father.  Hats off to Cordy for owing his truth!  It would be great if more secret children would reveal thier father’s identity.  It must have been most difficult to spend your entire life hidden in secret never being able to acknowledge your parent.  My eyes fill with tears to image all the sports games, family outings, and years of being a cast away this man had to endure for the sake of image and the church.  Now the question is how many more Illegitimate kids will began to take the covers off thier fathers and tell the truth.  Perhaps Obnoxious Media should assist them and their fathers live their truth and reveal the many secret children in the church.