Freddie Hayes And James Forbes Scheduled To Preach At The Vision Church Of Atlanta, A Black Gay Pentecostal Church  

Posted on June 9, 2016


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Everything Is Going Down But The Word Of God……Bishop Oliver Clyde Allen once said during the early days when he first established The Vision Church of Atlanta that mainstream stream churches would be forced to recognize him and his church and it is coming to pass.  Every year more and more prominent men in ministry are coming to The Vision Church.  The organization that Allen established comes together for a Holy Convocation in June and each year more and more well respected preachers are coming to the church to preach. It was never surprising Vision would have known Gospel Singers because they are known to do and have questionable lives.  Now it still comes with a great deal of backlash.  This past New Year’s Eve Watch Night Evangelist Lillian Llyod, Lead singer in Ricky Dilliard’ New G Chior, was a guest soloist and it caused a firestorm.  It is interestingly that most of the people critical of The Vision Church and those that attend are gay.

There is a strange mentality among Black Homosexual Men in the church that can be best described as one of self hatred.  They love to privately participate in same gender sex, but publicly live a lie.  If is such a sad old Slavs mentality and hypocritical.  A number of people attend and then after talk about the church or try to rationalize having gone, but say they do not agree.  Many guys contacted Obnoxious Media in reference to Lillian Llyod’s performance there and we even spoke to her about it and she said she did not agree, but went anyway.  Now some would say that it is compromised and hypocritical.  Personally I would never subject myself to something I do not agree with ever.  

Now the day has come when respected men of the clergy are coming to The Vision Church, which is an endorsement.  Will they come and later try to justify their actions or distance themselves.  Now it has also been said by some that they were somewhat mislead and no one told them it was a same gender loving church when they were invited.  Freddie Haynes and James Forbes are going to preach at Vision makes a huge statement.  Plus Ricky Smiley is also set to make an appearance.  These two men will certainly be ready for the criticism, but what will be interesting is what will preach about when they get there or will it be a watered down social justice speech.

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