Disturbing Video Of Jamal Harrasion Bryant Confronted By Community Activists And Told To Get Out Of Baltimore 

Posted on May 26, 2016


Obnoxious Media has been sent a most disturbing viedo of Jamal Harrasion Bryant being confronted by a man that goes by the name PFK Boom.  We are not sure of all the details surrounding this viedo, but it seems that some members of the community are not pleased with Jamal’s efforts and actually want him out of the city of Baltimore.  When you watch this viedo it appears that at one point it came very close to getting physical.  Jamal quickly agrees to stay away in the most humble fashion and walks away.  The Empowerment Temple pastor’s efforts are considered disrespectful to the West Family.  Apparently the family of Tyrone West reached out to him for assistance and must have been rejected.  Additionally, family members were cut disinvited to participate on a panel minutes before it was to start at Jamal Harrasion Bryant church.

Watch the viedo below:

Published on May 25, 2016Jamal Bryant gets G CHECKED by PFK Boom & Shy Lady Heroin after showing up to the 148th consecutive West Wednesday… 

Why did Jamal Bryant finally show up to a West Wednesday after dodging and disrespecting the West Family? Where was he when the family of Tyrone West first asked him to help? What happened that time Tawanda Jones (Tyrone West’s sister) and Abdul Salaam were supposed to speak on a panel at Bryant’s church during Mike Brown Solidarity protests in Baltimore and he cut them from the program minutes before it was scheduled to begin? Yeah, we still remember.
Obnoxious Media would like to know your thoughts on this matter.