Jamil V. Willis Official Response To Obnoxious Media’s Blog Post On His Divorce 

Posted on May 22, 2016


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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Obnoxious Media was first contacted about Jamil Willis and scandal with his life and marriage back on April 19, 2016.  Due to the overwhelming number of e-mails sent daily it is impossible to read the all.  However, the information continuously sent followed up by calls made us pay attention.  Jamil Willis was contacted by Obnoxious Media staff and Sir William G. McCray, III to discuss the very personal information sent about him and his marriage. Mot was at that time that Jamil decided to curse and shout that his personal life was not anyone’s business and he did not give a damn about a stupid blog.  It was our effort to not get in Jamil Willis‘ personal business, but to reach out for clarity to not report on something that was some attack by a person that hey may had prior dealings.  

Jamil Willis decided to not address the matter and even got very ugly and did not act like a man worthy to take a dog to the dog pound let alone a pastor.  It was only our effort to get clarity to not get in any confusion by someone seeking revenge on him and possibly telling lies.  After the fact Jamil has chosen to respond and had he done so in the beginning perhaps this Tory would have never been posted.  Now it seems that the photos of the child we posted was actually his Godson and not an allegedly a son born out of wedlock.  Obnoxious Media at the request of the young boy’s mother removed his photos and not because we were in anyway afraid or concerned of any legal action criminally or civilly with Jamil Willis.  It was after the fact he decided to do what he should have done in the beginning and that was address the alleaged allegations.  In his email he disclosed his health issues and his HIV status and obviously his soon to be ex-wife had to be aware prior to marring him that he was positive.  

Read Jamil Willis’ email below:

William McCray:

I emailed you on April 26, 2016 and asked you not to post that story because it was full of lies and misleading information. I verbally spoke with you the other day and asked you not to pos the story because I’m sure it was false information. You proceeded to posting the information anyway. Let me share a few facts that can be verified:

1. I was diagnosed with HIV September 7, 2004
2. I married Maranda June 26, 2010. I was positive for nearly 6 years prior to us getting married.

3. I have been public about my status since 2005, so not only does Maranda know about it, so does my family, friends, and the hundreds of thousands of others that have seen me on their college or university campuses speaking and advocating or through the BET Rap It Up campaign

The 8 year old boy in the picture is our oldest godson and his name is AJ (as he is named after HIS FATHER) – Antonio Maurice Jones. He is 99.99% his child. So there is another lie in your story.

I’m addressing the parts of your story that can be verified with public documentation (medical records and birth records). It would be in your BEST interest to remove the story ASAP… BOTH of them because they are both lies and have created problems that you will not soon escape. You posted pictures of a MINOR (several of them) and not more than a paragraph later you posted pictures of pornography. THAT’S ILLEGAL! Beyond the blatant defamation of character, after warning you that your information was wrong, for a child’s FACE to have been posted without the confirmed consent of his parents is illegal.
Again, I’m asking you to remove both of your stories (from your website and social media pages) regarding Jamil and Maranda Willis. Your story is a hoax and your source was definitely not liable. But I warned you.

You’ll hear from our team soon.

Jamil V. Willis