Elder Andrew Wilkins of Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church in Queens And Alleaged Male Lover Javier In Full Disclosure

Posted on May 22, 2016


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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Well, Obnoxious Media has been informed of another so called PJD (Pineapple Juice Drinker Obnoxious Media word for on the Down Low) couple out of New York.  These guys had to know their story would eventually get out if they kept posting all these photos of them coupled up and a video.  Andrew Wilkins of Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church in Queens is obviously head over heels for guy by the name of Javier from the Bronx.  Clearly Javier is not churchy and has no problem in living his truth and pulling Andrew right along with him.  Morning Star may not be ready for one of their most promising ministers to secretly be a PJD.  The singing and preaching Andrew has posted comments on his Facebook page about not know why people care about other folks sex lives.  The weak attempt for him to deflect attention from his own sex life a young boyfriend that has nothing to loose.  

According to a source close to the two men that shared their stor with us Javier has the two men somewhat at odds and in competition for his love and affection.  Javier might have been kicked to the curb by Andrew for the affection of another dude by the name of Damien and this love triangle has become the talk of insiders for sometime.  Rumors are out that the three men were to have a threesome that never happened, but word has gotten out.  Now the two or possibly three guys are upset they have come up with the short end of the stick while Andrew has continued with life as usual.  The preacher and minister of music was able to have his cake and eat it too while his two ex-boyfriends fell by the waste side.  Now Andrew has been busted with photos, text messages, and a viedo that calls in to question the nature of his relationship.  

 Now get to reading the e-mail sent to Obnoxious Media below:

Dear William, 

So I went to this church in Queens a few times a few years ago and there was this dynamic minister there who sang and preached the heavens down. It seems as though all of the women there was trying to get with him and there was more coming to the church just for him. His name is Elder Andrew Wilkins of Morningstar Missionary Baptist Churches in Queens. Morningstar has an amazing history and was once the music and preaching Mecca of Queens until a former Pastor tarnished their name. has an anointed group called Gods Elect and I’ve heard them minister many times. Andrew is known as one of the most eligible bachelors in Queens but they don’t know the full story. 
Sometime ago I met this shortie that works at Skechers named Javier. Javier is truly a shorty from Bronx who isn’t the straightest guy around but he disclosed that he was dating this guy in Queens and really loved this guy but the guy was a preacher and didn’t do relationship but the sex was great. Over time Javier started engaging with me and we became extremely close sexually and mentally. Javier finally told me who the guy was but little did he know. I had met Andrew a few times in the gay bars and even seen him at Forest park which is the gay pick up park. Javier use to tell me how much he loves this man but I keep those facts to myself because it wasn’t my place. 
Unfortunately Andrew has a history of these stories. This is nothing new to him, along with the video there are multiple messages with him engaging in sexual acts with other men. Their is this guy name Damien from Virginia that he is supposed to me dating now. His Instagram page @Dchristoine shows multiple pics of them together. Javier believes Andrew left him to date Damien. Javier and Andrew were dating for about 2 years before he met Damien and there are even pics of Javier and Andrew being named cute black gay couple on Instagram. Javier mentioned Having a 3some with Andrew and I but it never came into fruition. My issue is if Andrew is going to be gay just be gay, if he is going to be straight be straight and stop leading this men on. Also leave the ladies alone while you are fucking men. He has a obsession with porn and with videotaping the asses of men sagging. Below are picture of him and Javier and a couple of texts from him trying to get up. It’s graphic but the world should see.
Checkout text messages, photos, and viedo below: