Daniel Stephens Busted On A Gay Website Hooking Up For Sex-Checkout Text Messages, Photos, And Profile Revealed

Posted on May 22, 2016


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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Daniel Stephens has been revealed by a guy that he had actually contacted on the Internet for sex.  Not long Onnoxious published and article entitled Thirsty.  The very controversial article addressed the lives of so called down low (Pineapple Juice Drinker) men living double lives.  All of the guys were discovered to have profiles on a moblie app that used by men searching for the affection of other men.  Now we posted the photos and profiles of over 100 men on the site that got a great deal of attention.  Well, it is on this same site Daniel Stephens has been discovered surfing for possible sexual connections with other men.  Stephens a self proclaimed prophet that seems to spend more time sufing the net for sex with men then seeking God for a Word.  Obnoxious Media has been contacted on at least six other occasions about his ungodly behavior.  From homosexual sex to stealing money Stephens may be more of a wanna be con artist then actual preacher.  Most recently we were contacted by a very compelling young guy that was not in anyway lying about his meeting Stephens on the Internet for a sexual encounter once he discovered Daniel Stephens was a preacher he immediately did not want to have anything to do with him in a physical manner any longer.  Daniel sheet very sexually explicit photos and text messages. 

 Read the e-mail, photos, and text messages sent to Obnoxious Media below:

so one night i was on jackd and i saw this guy that looked kind of cute so i hit him up and he did not respond right away so i desided to send him a pic that is when he responded at that time i asked him what he was looking for he told me what ever I then told him that i was looking for LTR at that point he said that he might be interested so some how or another i said that i was horny and he asked if i wanted to chill i said maybe how do you get down he replied that he was vers and then sent me piics of him self then he asked if i coull return and i did we started to chat alittle bit more i asked him when was the last time that he had sex he told me about a month prior i dunno at that time i asked him was he dating he claimed that he did or something but the person was not worth it i dunno about that either but all i know was he seemed kind of fast as well as really not commited so i said hey he is cute i guess i will take it for the girla and pay it might as well F*ck him so i asked could i and he said yes for me to come over then he gave me his number so being this is a gay chat and the girls be cat fishing i took the number and put it into face book search and then his profile came up that he was some kind of prophet so i hi him back and asked and then he was like who is this i replied with my niggah are you like some kind of minister he was like i was judgemental and i was like no but thats why i dont go to church because of fake people like him he then said how was he fake and that christians ge horny to i then told him that i was going to expose fake people like him he said that i could not expose any one that is living there own truth and then he said that he was not talink about it any more on jackd for me to call him then he blocked me i gaged and contacted one of my friends after i had screen shot every message we had and that when he told me (my Friend) that he knew him Prophet daniel stephens and that he gave him a std. i am so over it nothing ose than a messy faggot but a messy church queen i cant do it