Jussie Smollett Tweet Sparks ‘Empire’ Departure Rumors, Plans To Focus on Album, Movies Might Be a just The Right Thing For The Show

Posted on May 12, 2016



Obnoxious On The Red Carpet……Jussie Smollett taking a break from the show? That might just be the thing the show needs.  To be honest he seems akwardly placed at times and he always has to sing and it sounds painful at best.  Last season he was over sexed not this season he is not getting any hardly at all.  Personally I could use a break form Jussie.  On last night’s episode (May 11) his character Jamal Lyon suffered a life changing situation which may see his character take a turn for the worst.

The episode ended unclear of what his fate would be and on the eve of the show’s season 2 finale to air next week, the singer/actor has sparked rumors that he is leaving the show to pursue some other passions, leaving many to believe his character will not return.

The singer has been signed to Columbia Records and has been crafting his untitled debut album which is said to arrive this summer. Which would make perfect since for him to take a break from the show over the summer to focus on promoting, touring and working the album. This time could also be used for him to focus on upcoming movie roles. Are you ready to see Jussie leave Empire?