Gospel Artist Lisa McClendon Outs Husband’s For Smashing At Least 3 Other Women 

Posted on May 12, 2016


Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Here we go again!  This time it is Lisa McClendon and boy she was not playing when she let her soon to be ex-husband Maurice Brailford have it for smashing other women.  In the car with her glasses and headscarf Lisa went in on the man she vowed to love.  Seems that Madman Maurice has reason to be mad as hell, but has no one to blame but himself.  The church is the gift that keeps on giving this week with Sleaze Bag Jamal Bryant, Freak-A-Leak Prophet Jamill Willis, and now Whore Monger Pastor Maurice Brailford.  So much for touch not my annointed and do my prophet no harm!  The saints are going in on Social Media!  It is time to live right or sit your tail down!  Gospel Artist Lisa McClendon Outs Husband’s Infidelity on Social Media
The popular Gospel Neo-Soul artist, Lisa McClendon, is in need of our prayers this morning as she took to social media to publicly call out her husband, Pastor Maurice Brailsford’s, alleged infidelity.
The singer/songwriter who brought us songs such as ‘Uphold Me’, ‘Pause’ and ‘Million Dollars’; and is the author of the young women’s empowerment devotional – ‘The Proverbial Girl’ wrote this heart-felt post on Facebook:

Because it’s NOT RIGHT!!!! These so called MEN OF GOD are wolves. And I didn’t catch all these years. They HIDE behind GIFTS and TALENTS and we oooooo and awwwwwww and call it ANOINTING. IT’S NOT!!! GIFTS may come without REPENTANCE but NOT INTEGRITY!! I gave him chance after chance to come clean and he just tried to make me FEEL DUMB, like he’s been doing. He got some people FOOLED but my hopes it that EVERYONE WON’T BE. It’s time WOMEN to STOP letting these PIMP PREACHERS take advantage of us then look like the HERO and make REAL MEN OF GOD look bad.

I now wonder DO ALL MEN CHEAT???? DANG!!!!!! ARE there any MEN who FEAR GOD???

Look you ain’t gotta believe me. MADMAN and the women he’s been messing with KNOWS the TRUTH.

So since he wants to secretly try to destroy my name let me just EXPOSE THIS CON MAN!!!”

Lisa McClendon also shared her story on the live broadcasting app – ‘Periscope’, where she received approval from her mother to expose her husband who is the founding Pastor of ‘The Life Center, Inc’ in Charlotte, NC. In this video she says;

“I’m about to expose Madman Maurice, my husband. I don’t use social media to put my business out like that unless it’s to help somebody – so i’m helping somebody.”
She goes on to say:

“This man is pursuing women who he thinks are weak and using them. this man has been nasty to me for the last several years and everybody always says “Lisa McClendon – she’s so hard”, because y’all don’t know what the heck I deal with behind closed doors.”

This is Lisa’s second marriage, the first of which was an abusive relationship. There are also 10 children involved in this situation. She is an artist that has always worn her heart in her music and has shared her life with us through song. Her transparency has brought thousands of fans to her side who can relate to her lyrics of the difficulties in love, juggling motherhood and maintaining her relationship with the Lord.