Get The Inside Scoop And All The Details On Why Miranda Willis Filed For Divorce From Jamill Willis-Alleagedly Jamill Was Having Sex With Men And Women-Domestic Violence-Son Out Of Wedlock-Attempted Suicide-Deadly STDs-Sexually Explicit Pics and More!!!!

Posted on May 12, 2016


Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Well, another one bites the dust.  It is absolutely becoming sickening the lives of so many so called men and women of God that are spiraling out of control.  Everyone hates me for leading my voice and platform to the victims and ones that have been taken advantage of in the process by these wolves in sheep clothing.  The masses want to protect these perpetrators that have only their best interest at heart and want to keep their big bucks flowing.  Enough is enough so Obnoxious will be the voice to cry loud and spear not!  Some of this mess is disgusting and should not even be named among the brothern or anyone professing Christ.

Obnoxious Media was first contacted about the alleaged divorce of Pastor Jamill Willis and his wife Miranda Willis, who is a Gospel singer in the group 285 and Praise and Worship leader for E. Dewy Smith.  It seems that would be an issue from the start.  Miranda should have been at her husband’s church and not out on Sunday Morings trying to get a check.  But you all do not like this kind of teaching!  Now back to the story at had because it is so complicated we did not even catch it at first.  According to the informant that is close to their situation Jamill has been busy in the vineyard more then for the Lord. Meow they married back in 2010 and had a huge wedding that was a major event to had attend with all the big names in the Gospel Industry and well know preachers in attendance.  Prior to the scandal a clip of their wedding ceremony had over 100,000 views on YouTube, but since it has been taken down.  It is not clear if he already had a son out of wedlock and has another one on the way or if Miranda is just finding out.

Not this has not been the first time Jamill has broken his wife’s heart.  Rumor has it that he was diagnosed with a deadly STD back in 2013 that he allegedly shared with his church.  As the church chatter has it Jamill is bisexual and had a relationship with another married man that attempted suicide due to their secret life coming out.  The man also might have wanted to kill himself due to his knowledge of carrying the deadly virus he allegedly passed to his lover Pastor Jamill Willis.  The Bible says that out of the mouth of two or three whitenesses let every word be established and it is al whole lot of confirmation and this mess here.  Obnoxious Media has been provided text messages, e-mails, and pictures to support this story that Jamill is busy doing a great deal more then ministry.  Now one of his fellow classmates from ITC that is close to Obnoxious Media got wind that we had the story and begged us not to move forward and we actually honored the request until Jamill got word and called and cursed us out about his personal life.  The so called Prophet Jamill Willis might speak in unknown tongues, but he spoke to us in some know street tongues that was absolutely tacky.

Miranda is said to have learned that Jamill is rumored to be going with Javis Mays and that was the final straw.  It seems that the knowledge of this latest affair was more than she was willing to tolerate any longer.  There are reports of her attacking him and even punching him in the face so hard his nose was broken.  

When did these to have time to pray and seek God with all this drama and sin going on in their lives?

Read the e-mail sent to us below with all the goods on this marriage falling apart below:

Dear Mr. Obnoxious,

Grab a chair and some wine because you are going to need it. We are shocked, but not surprised at all. They haven’t looked like they were together for a long time, but now it’s official. SHE filed for divorce and said she couldn’t take it anymore. Pastor was too busy being a pastor and traveling all over the world…obviously meeting and sleeping with women in all the cities and states he visited. When he came back from South Africa he joked with all of us after he rehearsal about having gone to South Africa to sow his royal Oates. Yep. Pastor Willis is expecting and OUTSIDE child that is NOT by wife, Maranda.
She opened up while we were planning for Responsible Worship and let us know what was going on. What the public doesn’t know is they got married in 2010 and he was diagnosed with HIV in 2013 (he has since opened up about it but didn’t tell why) — he had an affair with a guy (alleged) in 2012 and contracted to virus. When asked about it he said “I plead the 5th” — rumor Has it that He gave it to her. But the mystery woman posted an ultrasound and tagged him in it a few weeks back but took it down.  
They separated before because she was having a affair with a married man (who attempted suicide
after it came out) and is alleged to be in a relationship with business manager Tesa Dennard) (photo coming later). Pastor Willis pastors a church in Macon, Ga that she could never be at because she’s always gone. Seems he wasn’t the only one that was stepping outside of his marriage and is an alleged homosexual. But hey, that seems like the perfect relationship. Both of y’all can have your cake and eat her too. #NoShade
Check her IG and FB and his too and you’ll see they haven’t posted pics together in months! MONTHS! But they travel faking the funk like we can’t tell. She does a lot of periscopes about senseless things and he’s never in them. She talks about having car issues and somebody broke into the house. Well where was he? Oh, right…. Not there. I checked the public records. Evidence of the filing is there. She treats us so mean so I had to say something. And we work for her. He looks at us like we are less than and he is superior than us. Really prophet?

But guess who he is supposedly courting and dating now…. You guessed it… A lady in his church and she travels with him. I guess he took the divorce orders but left HIV….. What a nice gift Pastor. 

Did I tell you that Javis Mays is the alleged guy that Pastor Willis was having the affair with!? But the pregnant lady is what really broke up their relationship. 

Whew!!!! It’s getting juicer! He filed several police reports during their marriage because she was abusive and tried to stab him once. Every report is on file with DeKalb County….

She attacked him during Holy Convocation last year and broke his nose. The police have shown up to their DeKalb County resident 5 times in 6 years… He never hit her. She was the abusive one!  
Good morning Mr. McCray,

I was given your email address regarding a story concerning the father of my son, Adonai Jamal. Is he not claiming this baby? Do you need pictures of him and his son? AJ is 6 and they’ve been married for 6 years. You do the math. I am willing to show my face, do an interview or whatever. Please let me know what you need because I’m willing to assist however possible.
Looking forward,
We were together for nearly 2 years. I had no reason to need a paternity test. I respected him enough to let him tell his wife. He obviously didn’t tell her until a few months ago and that’s when the chaos started. He and I don’t have any issues. He’s always been there for AJ and has never denied him, until now when this became public. 

Yes, he did sign the birth certificate. Why wouldn’t he? Those things are in storage, but maybe I can get a copy from the school or something. We don’t live in Georgia. We just moved away from all of the drama in Georgia back to my hometown in Philadelphia.
She didn’t know about the baby. He said he would tell her and didn’t. I filed child support and that’s how she found out. 

Somebody must have found out about me giving you information. I keep getting threats telling me to retract my story. But why should I? She’s due to sign her record deal today and they were trying to kill the story so that it wouldn’t impact that. I’m in Manchester (UK) for the next 8 days. 

These were taken when he came to visit us Thanksgiving 2015. Paternity results? Look at this child!!  

Obnoxious Media is looking into the photos sent of the alleaged son of Jamill!

Checkout some of the sexually explicit photos Jamill has sent out to his alleged male and female lovers below: