Pastor AJ Johnson Of Houston Called By Chris Lockett For Using The Lord To Try Proposition Him For Sex On Facebook  

Posted on April 14, 2016


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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Let me say that I am so sorry for having been swamped lately and have not been posting as often as I should.  Trust me I gave received all of your calls, e-mails, and texts messages.  No there is nothing wrong I am just actively working to reach the next level.  Now a few weeks ago a member of our Obnoxious Street Committee brought it to our attention two so called men having an all out fight on Social Media.  Now if you are a pastor you need to be that at all times and walk and conduct yourself in such a fashion that will be pleasing to God.  Do not and I repeat, do not use Social Media and so-called fake evangelism to hookup with a man.  

Basically, some thirsty dude that is a so called pastor out of Houston named AJ Johnson allegedly used Facebook to step to Chris Lockett in a homosexual manner.  It seems Johnson used the excuse of whitenessing to have conversation Chris when he had an ulterior motive of wanting to lead Chirs to far more then the Lord.  So tell me has it really gotten this bad that guys have got to lie on God to try and get with another man.  There are so many other options available to AJ where he would not have to lie on God.  Hell there are so many hookup sites out there where it would not even be a question if the man was interested in other men.  

 Based upon the behavior of this so called two guys it is obvious that AJ most likely did say or do something inappropriate, but why did Chris Lockett entertain him for so long.  The truth of the matter is most likely Chris was going along for the ride to see what he could get because if he was so straight he would have cut AJ off early on or never responded to him.  The term we gave been told here at Obnoxious Media is “Gay For Pay” by so called straight men that only get with men for money.  Homosexual prostitution simply put, but if you get money or not for having sex with another man you add still a Pineapple Juice Drinker.  Rationalize and justify it all you want no matter what excuse you use if you are a man and have sex with another man and it was not by physical force you are gay period.  If you do it sometimes, for $100 or $1000, or to get something in the long run it dot not matter you are gay!  If you topped or bottomed or if the other guy only performed on you it does not matter your ass is Gay!

 With that having been said Chris Lockett is a damn lie to act like he was Alice and living in Wonderland!  He is gag and proved it by trying to out AJ on Facebook!  What OG uses Facebook to set a man straight.  Chris if you are not open for business then take the sign down.  Dude you gay and AJ clearly say that it was something in you and he pulled it out!  Now you all read these screenshots and tell us what you think about this one because we want to hear from you!