Church Of God In Christ (COGIC) Spring Call Meeting Has Concluded 

Posted on April 9, 2016


Follow me on Facebook William G. McCray III and with William G. McCray III on Twitter @WilliamGMcCray and Instagram @SirWilliamGMcCrayIII to keep up on the latest!  Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Well, the General Assembly of the the Church Of God In Chist convened this week at Mason Temple, the World Headquarters located in Memphis, Tennessee.   Not much drama as anticipated since this is the year of the quadrennial election and everyone has to run to hold their seat or to get a new one.  Rumor has it that Rev. Jesse Jackson might join the church and even addressed the General Assembly on Tuesday Morning.  The Civil Rights Leader was in Memphis for an event commemorating the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. at the Civil Rights Museum the night prior.  King delivered his final speech, I Have Been To The Mountain Top, the night before he was killed at Mason Temple.  

It was a little drama Tuesday afternoon with Bishop Wilson from Nova Scotia  that has been suspended for being for being a polygamist.  It seems he has three living wives and he is married to all of the simultaneously. Two of them he did not legally divorce.  It is just a wonder he is not in prison.  Now he did not show up to face the Board Of Bishops during the Holy Convocation last November.  His excuse for not attending was his was ill with cancer and since has died.  

Clearly, Wilson is not aware of the scripture that says “Let every bishop be the husband of one wife,” he said the church owed him an apology, but he will be waiting until Hell freezes over for that one.  Dude needs to be quite and get him a good attorney to divorce those other to women.

Bishop Blake had no problem addressing the lies being told on him by Earl Carter.  The Presiding Bishop declared he was not going down on a lie.  Standing flat foot and boldly telling the General Assembly the allegations are not true and he was going to fight to preserve his good name.  Earl was not bold enough to show his face in Mason Temple or his crazy friend Thomas Cross, who has a great deal in common with Wilson.  The two of them enjoy having multiple wives.  After all variety is the spice of life.

Read some text messages from several COGIC bishops that are members of my Obnoxious Street Committee below:

Obnoxious:  Who is this Wilson that just went to the mic?

:  Had 3 wives….and impregnated another woman. Bishop of Nova Scotia 

Obnoxious:  That is him I heard about it, but never posted on him!

Bishop:  Yes. ….we had a trial scheduled for him in the board of bishops, he refused to show, and trusted to meet with the grievance committee 

Obnoxious:  WTF!  He has three living wives?

Bishop:  Hell Yeah!  Ha! Yes…..supposedly he did not divorce two of them legally 

Obnoxious:  So you guys took him down?

Bishop:  The BOB Voted against him because he didn’t show or respond ….he waited to appeal after Kyles trial …..They are having a meeting with him right after dismissal.  He was suspended for 2 years.

Obnoxious:  Wow!  He is a polygamist!

Bishop:  Yes!  Hell I have enough trouble keeping up with my one damn wife and this fool got 3!  I will update you after our BOB meeting.

Obnoxious:  Why is it taking you so long with the update?  I told you I do not like waiting!  This is COGIC B613 Bishop!  What went on with Bishop Klyes?  Poor man!  It is so sad!

Bishop:  I am sorry Sir William Just got my phone!  Nothing public ….the general board is awaiting the appeal ….nothing to be done before August!  Bishop Blake just started are you in the Temple?

Candidates Announced in the General Assembly seeking to be elected this November!

* Financial Secretary
Bishop Frank Anthone White

Pastor Charles Hill(TXSE1st)

Bishop Charles H.M. Patterson

* General Secretary
Supervisor Diana C. Banks

Bishop Designee Derrick W. Hutchins, Sr.

Bishop Joel H. Lyles

Bishop Dickerson Wells, Sr.

* Trustee Board
Missionary Carrie Barnes

Elder Darrin Burns

Elder Michael Golden, Jr.

Elder David Hall, Jr.

Missionary Sandra Jones

Missionary Sylvia Law

Mother Georgia Macklin Lowe

Supervisor Mildred Linzy

Elder Josephus Shephard

Elder Amos Smith

Missionary Aileen Stingley

Superintendent Melton Timmons

Bishop Dwight Walls

(New Candidates)
Bishop Keith Jones

Elder Kale Mann

Evangelist T. Lynn Smith

Pastor Jerome Strickland

* General Board
Bishop Charles E. Blake

Bishop P.A. Brooks

Bishop Sedgwick Daniels

Bishop Jerry Macklin

Bishop George McKinney

Bishop Brandon Porter

Bishop J. Drew Sheard

Bishop Ted Thomas

Bishop Nathaniel Wells

Bishop Lawrence Wooten

(New Candidates)
Bishop George Adebanjo

Bishop Corby Bush

Bishop Charles Brown

Bishop Prince E.W. Bryant, Sr.

Bishop E. Charles Connor

Bishop Ronnie Gibson

Bishop William Wright, Sr.

Bishop David Allen Hall, Sr.

Bishop G. Wesley Hardy 

Bishop Darrel Hines

Bishop Loran Mann

Bishop Charles McChelland

Bishop LaDell Thomas

Bishop Matthew Williams

Bishop Michael Hill, Sr.