All Hell Breaks Loose At The Word Network: Jewish Owner Kevin Adell Fires Paul Crouch Jr. 

Posted on March 31, 2016



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Everything Thing Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……The Word Network, the largest African American Christian network in the world, which is actually owned by Jew terminates Paul Crouch, Jr. for numerous violations of corporate policy and misconduct.
To call The Word Network the largest African American Christian Network in the world is actually a Bold Faced Lie!  The station is owned by Kevin Adell, who is Jewish and certainly not African American, but their target audience is the Black Church and Negro Preachers that the station has made millions by charging exorbitant prices to those Amos and Andy stepping and fetching Negro Preachers.  Kevin is so arrogant he houses his antique car collection on the lot of his station and the dumb preachers do not even realize everything he has their members hard earned money has purchased!

“I do not tolerate misconduct and it is handled swiftly in my organization,” says Founder and CEO Kevin Adell.

Paul Crouch, Jr., son of Paul Crouch, Sr. Founder of Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), was hired by The Word Network in 2007 as Manager of Production and Development. Paul Crouch, Jr. was fired from TBN prior to accepting the position at The Word Network.
Recently Jamal Harrasion Bryant had Minister Louis Farrakhann on his show, but Kevin refuses to have me, Sir William G. McCray, III on and destroyed the master copies of my 90 minute interview with Bishop George Bloomer when I was on his show Rejoice In The Word.  It seems that Kevin got mad at Paul Jr. for some of his undermining ways, but what can you expect from a man that turns on his mother and father who have both have been stricken with cancer and his father ultimately died.  Kevin should have known that Paul was capable of double crossing him if he would betray his own mother and father to work for him.  Now a picture is worth a 1000 words!  it is amazing to see Kevin grinning like a Chester Cat while hugged up with Minster Farrakhann and all the things he has had to say about Jews with Jamal, who is an admitted whore monger!

This story is developing and I have my Obnoxious Street Committee working around the clock to get inside details on this mess at The Word!