A Man Goes In Hard On Grammy Award Winning Gospel Artist Tasha Cobbs On Facebook For $20 Thousand 60 Minute Concert Fee

Posted on March 26, 2016


Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……I know I am late on this one!  It was not that I was not aware, but just so busy I had not had an opportunity to post as much as I would like to my blog.  However it seems that once social media was buzzing about Tasha Cobbs, and this time it’s not a spiritual buzz. Instead, it’s over the cost of securing the Grammy Award Winning Artist for a concert. The internet went absolutely “Apes and Bananas” with comments and shares of the original post citing a convo about a conversation held with Tasha’s booking agent until I wanted to bring it to the attention of the readers of Obnoxious to see what you all thoughts were on the subject.
Many supporters, perhaps those who are familiar with the “ins and outs” of the industry and her fan base are rushing to the defense of the gospel performing artist regarding the cost to secure her for a show. The industry requires a lot of work from the artist and Tasha is not simply a worship leader but an artist with a brand and to help build that brand, she must employ a team and guess what?!!  Her team has to be paid too! Or at least that is the lie they are telling people rationalize the hunk and a chuck required to get her to perform.  That’s what the industry peeps are saying to those who simply don’t understand why the charge for 60 minutes is a whopping $20,0000 dollars.
 However, it is pointed out that Tasha isn’t just a local gospel sensation, but an international artist. Warning is given to those who are just beginning to blaze the trails to take caution with commentary because they will want someone to support their brand if they should ever reach the level of excellence that Tasha Cobbs has been blessed to obtain or the level that she thinks she has obtained.  I only know one song at it was only decent in my book compaired to so other artist out there.  
In all curiosity, is 20K for a Grammy Award winning artist too much for a concert?  Many commenters on the original post seemed to find it hilarious to say the least. Some joked about the cost, while others were so busy laughing at the post made by the guy on Facebook that they didn’t seem to care what she charged but only wanted to express the depth of humor they found in his post. Here’s what the original post on Facebook read below:
So I had a conference call with Tasha Cobbs’ booking agent and she told me that her fee for a 60-minute performance in Montgomery would be $20,000 PLUS her rider (approx $3,000)… Ma’am for 20k you better LITERALLY Break EVERY damn Chain….the chains of slavery, the chains of death, Harry Houdini’s chains, chain letters, The sound of the men working on the chain gang, Fake gold chains, the food chain, bicycle chains, Eric B and Rakim’s rope chains, Areatha Franklin’s Chain Chain Chain….Chain of Fools…I MEAN EVERY DAMN CHAIN!!..‪#‎NoThanks….‪#‎I’llPass
Obnoxious Media has reached out to Sean Macon, but has yet to hear back from him regarding his post to Facebook.

So what do you all have to say about Tasha Cobbs fee of $20,000 to perform?