Dr. Judith Christie McAllister Is Officially Back At West Angeles Church Of God In Christ!  

Posted on March 22, 2016


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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Well, I told you she was back when I posted Jason White’s letter.  Officially Dr. Judith Christie McAllister, International Music Department President of the Church Of God In Christ is home at West Angeles rocking like only she can on Palm Sunday.  Now you all know that Jason White was told to kick rocks and he felt a little disgruntlal and wrote the Presiding Bishop and Pastor of West Angeles a four page letter on how disappointed he was to get dismissed after twenty years.  White talked about he only could recall two issues in his 20 year tenure at West A and that he refused the severance package offered by Blake.  

A.  Number of people have taken issue with Bishop Blake’s decision and feels he should have handled Jason differently.  Music people need to get a grip and come to the realization that they can be eliminated and the church will continue without them.  Hopefully this will serve as a wake up call to pastors and musicians that try to hold folks hostage because their talent.  Where did this idea come form that people are coming to the church because of the music and not The Word delivered by the Man of God.  Check yourself before you get the shock of your life like Jason did two days after he got his Stellar Award.  Pastor’s feel empowered to fire whoever the Lord and your finances deem necessary and all you wild ass, out of control, whores and whore monger musicians get in check.  

I know one pastor that I will not call name that felt he had to take a great deal of crap off his Misnister of Music and ai would constantly try to encourage him to put him out.  The poor man had such low self-esteem he actually felt if they people came to hear the Chior they might stay to hear me preach.  The spirit of control and witchcraft spread through the entire crew of trash that sang and played.  The more they did the more I raise hell on the phone until finally one Sunday Night while serving the Lord’s Supper he did a grand trun on my que and caught those unruly, disrespectful, trashy singers mocking him in his own church!  It was on and popping and he told every last one to “Get The Hell Out Of His Church,”. I shouted like I was going to loose my mind.  Pastors if you think someone is more important at your church then you and the Lord then you need to shut it down!