Sleaze Bag James Fortune Beats The Hell Out His Wife, Damn Near Kills His Step-son, Gang Rapes A Church Member And Capitalize Off It 

Posted on March 10, 2016


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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word……Now this sleaze bag just pleaded guilty to beating the hell out of his wife!  Guilty to burning her son on over 40% of his body and did not want to pay for him to have plastic surgery now he is doing shows and going to capitalize off his being an old dirty bastard that lives lower than your average gangster rapper.

You all should be sick and tired of these pimps, tramps, trollops, and whores hiding behind the cloth then trying to say it it something wrong with you for talk about it.  Wes had a bastard child and married his whore and never stopped singing and preaching.  Now James beats the hell out of his wife, damn near kills her son, he and his band gang rape a woman and she has a mentally ill child to prove it and he traveling and wanting to sing about a Jesus he clearly does not know and a Heaven that he will never get to live in.  

This fool is not worthy to take a dog to the dog pound, but you dummies allow it!  James go to Hell!

I was asked to post his weak apology and since I try to be fair below you can read the sleaze bag’s remarks below: