Church Of God In Christ (COGIC) 2016 Race For The General Board Is Heating Up

Posted on March 3, 2016


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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Yesterday was Super Tuesday as the fight for the White House gets serious.  Hilary seems to have gained a serious lead over Bernie and Trump is gaining serious momentum and might get the GOP nomination.  However, there is another race going on that is just as serious and it is one that is a fight to be one of the twelve on the Church Of God In Christ (COGIC) General Board.  

COGIC is the largest African American Pentacostal Denomination in the the world with over 5 million members worldwide.  The only religious organization that meets eight plus times a year in record numbers.  Frankly, speaking the Church Of a God In Church, AME, CME, and PAW are about the only denominations where being a bishop actually means something.  The office has become so common that everyone is a bishop including Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.  Washington D.C. Has nothing on the politics among the Saints.  The April Call meeting is right around the corner and all the credential holders and voting delegates will meet at Mason Temple, the World Headquarters of the church in Memphis, Tennessee.  

Mason Temple might not be large enough to hold the meeting of the General Assembly.  Rumor has it that the Saints are going to come out in record numbers this year.  Their is a high antisapation of Bishop Blake’s State Of The Church Address.  Plus the meeting of the COGIC Screening Committee for all the individuals running to be elected or re-elected to the General Board, National Trusttee Board, General Secretary, Treasure, Fininacal Secretary all must run to be elected to office at the Holy Convocation this November.  Rumor has it that there will be one open seat on the General Board due to Roy L.H. Winbush not seeking re-election, but that has not been confirmed. 

Good members of my Obnoxious Street Committee have slipped us a list.  Please note we cannot fully determine if this list is totally accurate or not because we will not get the names until the April Call Meeting.  Do note that just because you see a name now you might not see it come November because their or four phases to screening for every potential candidate plus a background and credit check.  The Church Of God In Christ Is not playing and just consecrating Lotte Dotte and Everybody!

2016 Candidates for National Office in COGIC are below (note the female names you see are seeking to be elected to the National Trusttee Board):

Adebanjo, Bishop George​​​​​
Banks, Diana​​​​​

Bryant, Bishop Prince E. W.​​​

Burns, Darin​

Bush Sr., Bishop Corby​​​​​

Bush, Marlon David​​​​​​​​

Connor, Bishop E Charles                                            

Daniels, Bishop Sedgwick                                          

Gibson, Bishop Ronnie Michel                           

Golden Jr., Michael​​​​​​

Hall Jr., Bishop David​

Hall Sr., Bishop David​​​​​​

Hardy, Bishop G. Wesley​​​​​

Hill, Charles​​​

Hines, Bishop Darrel​​​​​​

Holsey, Bishop Thomas​​​​​​​​​

Hutchins, Superintendent Derrick​​​

Jones, Bishop James L’Kelly​​​​​

Jones, Sandra Smith​​​​​​

Law, Sylvia​​​​​​​​

Linzy, Mildred​​​

Lowe, Georgia Macklin​​​​​

Lyles, Bishop Joel​​​​​​

Mann, Kale​​​​​​​

Martin, Christopher E

Matheney, Bishop Willie                                  

McClelland, Bishop C. H.​​​​​

Paden Sr., Bishop Michael J​​​

Patterson, Bishop Charles Harrison Mason​​

Paul, Bishop Sam Ram​​​​​​

Perry, Dr. Lanelle​​​​​​

Porter, Bishop Brandon​​​​​

Sheard, Bishop John Drew​​​​​

Shepherd, Josephus (Joe) 3

Smith, Amos                                                        

Smith, T. Lynn​​​​​​​

Stingley, Dr. Ailean​​​​​​

Strickland Sr., Supt Jerome                            

Thomas, Bishop Ladell                                      

Thomas, Bishop Ted​​​​​​

Timmons, Melton R​​​​​​

Wells, Dickerson​​​​​​​

Wells, Bishop Nathaniel​​​​​

White, Bishop Frank​​​​​​

Williams, Kenneth​​​​​​

Williams, Kevin Carrol​​​​​​

Wooten Sr, Bishop Lawrence​​​​

Wright Sr., Bishop William