Brian Carn Exposed Witchcraft Has Sparked More Discussion And Outrage In The Church Than Bishop Carlton Pearson Saying He Believed In Inclusion! 

Posted on March 2, 2016


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 Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Obnoxious Breaking News!  Kimberly Ray has declined to participate in the Brain Carn 48 hours of Prayer.  According to her website she will not be in Houston.  The question remains if she will be the only one or will others follow her lead?

Obnoxious Media along with PimpPreacher and the brave individual who posted this clip on YouTube in injunction with the person who put together the masterful video of Brian Carn quoting a witch word for word and clearly saying it was God has sparked great discussion.  In fact we have not seen such an outrage in the church since Bishop Carlton Person declared to the world modified his belief to the thought of Inclusion.  Social Media has been ablaze with people making videos in support of Brian and a few brave ones that are calling for the truth.  Brian Carn is the very man that has used social media to call others out, but now he cannot take it.  Clearly he has been exposed!  Now Obnoxious Media is not debating if he is gifted or not and frankly we do not care.  Here on Obnoxious we have raised allegations of Brian having basterd children, giving women sexually transmitted diseases, and twenty-seven pages of text messages of his lust for sex and making arrangements to screw while out doing so called ministry. 

 The question is not so much if he said it first or not because that is clear from the clip Psychic Cheryl Lynn in fact did.  The greater concern is that he was clearly so off and that he committed the sin of blasphemy and if he can be forgiven.  Now everyone can jump and make a response, but they cannot not make the Bible say something that it does not say.  As previously reported it has been the church and the love of money that has caused this to happen.  The Word says pride comes before a great fall and that exactly what he has displayed.  Brian has attempted to insult the church again and clap his hands and declare the Lord told him to fight just like he said the Lord told him the same exact thing the psychic said ten months prior.  He cannot even realize that what he and the psychic said about Michael Jackson is happening to him.  Brian might have been prophesying about Kanye West what is going to be the very thing that happens to him.  It would be horrible if Brian looses his mind and everything for lying on God.  On his social media video he said he lives where he wants to live and drive what he wants to drive.  Which reminds us, “What does it profit a man to gain the world and loose his soul?”

 Brian Carn is so arrogant and lead astray he would use this controversy to advertise his so called 48 Hours of Prayer (so Obnoxious Media is going to help him).  This unfortunate discovery is a God exposing the Devil and allowing his people eyes to become open.  Everyone has an off night, which calls into question who exposed Brian Carn to the a cult?  His dear friend Benny Hinn is extremely quite so not it is time to call some folks out because the Body of Christ wants some answers!  


Recently he has been running with Benny Hinn, Marcus Lamb, Jodi Lamb, Rod Parsley, Percy Stone, Apostle Muldanado, and Steve Muncie to name a few.  Brain clearly is not crafty or ingenious enough to think of a master scam all on his own.  All of his big name friends have been extremely quite.  Obnoxious Media wants to know if it was one of them that introduced him to a white psychic and they just so happen to be white as well?  Additionally it is ironic he used a white psychic’s predictions at a black church.  Where is the pastor of the church he prophesied this foolishness?  

 In closing, what will Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams, Kimberly Daniels, Kimberly Ray, Mark Vereen, Tamara Bennett, Aretha Wilson, Kingsley Fletcher, William Murphy, Suzette Caldwell, Cynthia Moore, Jonathan Ferguson, May Dupree, and others have to say if another viedo of Brian quoting another witch is revealed?


Perhaps all of these people are secretly witches and warlocks operating in this Last Day Church.  A great conspiracy has been discovered and I would not allow anyone that stood with Brain in the mist of this lie take my dog to the dog pound let alone play with my soul.  People must do their own research and examine every DVD, CD, YouTube clip and check it against people that work divination.  

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