Watch!  Brian Carn Who Has Been Endorsed By Benny Hinn And Daystar Quote Witch Cheryl Lynn Word For Word And Deliver Her Exact Prediction As If It Was A Prophesy From God!!! 

Posted on February 24, 2016


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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Special thanks to members of my Obnoxious Street Committee for bringing this to our attention!  Brian Carn delivers a witch’s prediction from February 8, 2014 at a Watch Night service December 31, 2014 as if God revealed it to him.

Update!  Carl Peterson, chief adjutant to Brian Carn just called me and said that the witch will be at the service in Houston to declare Brain made the prediction first.  So I, Sir William G. McCray, III has just booked a flight!  Let’s all meet at this service to see what goes down.  This is a modern day Sol in fellowship with the witch of Endure!

The YouTube page states Brian quotes Psychic Cheryl Lynn from Pennsylvania word for word.  Now you watch for yourself and tell us what you think because we want to hear form you!  Additionally, Obnoxious Media has downloaded the viedo in case he makes a sizable donation to Cheryl and the woman who posted it on YouTube to have it removed.

The caption posted on YouTube with the clip is below:

Someone please help me understand why Brian Carn’s supposed 2014 NYE prophecy for the Year 2015 is the EXACT same as this psychic Cheryl Lynn who gave a reading for the year 2015 back in February 2014.

Open Letter to Brian Carn,

Isaiah 58:1

Cry aloud, spare not, lift up thy voice like a trumpet, and she’s my people their transgression, and the house of Jacob their sins.

Early this morning I received a clip of a prophecy you gave at a Watch Night Service on December 31, 2014 and could not help, but it was the same exact prediction Cheryl Lynn gave on February 8, 2014 (10 months prior to you).  As you well know I have written a number of post to my blog on you and the many scandals surrounding your lifestyle and ministry.  In case you forgot let me remind you of a few of the biggest ones as following:  Carolyn King, who alleaged you are the father of her son; Ashley Copeland, who alleaged you gave her a sexually transmitted disease and had 27 pages of explicit text messages from you;  and not long ago one young lady that was going to attack you while you were preaching due to your having mistreated her.  
How can you call yourself a Santified Preacher and be linked to so many unGodly scandals?  Constantly so many people contact me about your behavior and wild Rock & Roll type of lifestyle.  A source close to you told me that you sent your good friend Jamal Harrasion Bryant, who is nothing more than a Heretic to meet and offer Carolyn King $10,000 to go away while we were all in Hampton, VA for Bishop Samuel Green’s jurisdictional convocation and he preached.  However, she did not take the offer. But let you off the hook just the same.  Ashley Copeland seemed to have just faded away like so many young variable women do that have been taken advantage of by a no good preacher. You have never addressed these matters because you know they are true. 

It is even rumored that you did not even finish high like your friend Jamal, but you alleagedly do not even have a GED.  Your finishing high may or may not be true, but I do know the man in Augusta, Georgia that writes your sermons for you.

Brian I do not fault you for running a muck and bastardizing the Word Of God because so many influential Men of God have done you such a great disservice.  Benny Hinn, Ron Parsley, and the owners of Daystar have used you to come preach due to your ability to raise large offerings and it may have all been witchcraft!  Everyone person that invites you moving forward must be called into question for their lack of sound judgement. Instead of them stopping and correcting you they have covered you and made excuses for your deplorable behavior because of big bucks.  This serves as an indictment on every pastor that has open their doors to you and exposed their congregations to your black magic.  Brian Carn you do not have the statesmanship of an average Baptist preacher let alone a man professing Holiness and seem to be a warlock.

There is a thin line between prophesy and divination and it seems you have crossed that line and deal in the a cult.  God has not told you the same exact thing that he has told a witch word for word.  Please note that I nor may staff is envious or jealous of you in any way, but in fact was proud of you coming from a broken home that faced financial hardships with your father in prision to make it to the top of the church.  Brian is it all a lie?  Please tell me you are not a liar, fake, fraud, false prophet that is only naming the name of God for profit!  

Brian I thought Van Moody plagiarism of Kevin Adams sermon during Woman Thou Art Loosed was bad, but this is a whole another level!

In spite of it all, I would like to request a live television interview with you in front of a live audience to address these matters and put them to rest once and for all.m you deserve the opportunity to respond.


Sir William G. McCray, III

P.S.  Since KANYE WEST is a personal friend I will ask him about your word about him, but what does he have to do with church anyway?  Check us out hanging out together at the Golden State Warriors game and the owner of the team behind us!


Brian did God tell you the exact same thing ten months later?  Please explain!  

I, Sir William G. Mc Cray, III would like to interview you publicicly on live television!

There are screenshots taken by Obnoxious Media staff of Brian Carn’s website were he claims many of the things he claims to have prophesied that the witch also predicted 10 months prior have come to past below: