Judge Dismissed Earl Carter’s Counter Lawsuit Against Bishop Charles Blake But Carter Vows To Refile By March 2 Deadline  

Posted on February 23, 2016


Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……You all have to forgive me for posting this late.  Although, I knew the judge’s decision long ago it has been such a busy time I had not slowed down enough to post.  Well, Earl Carter’s counter suit against Bishop Charles Edward Blake has been dismissed.  So that means the judge will not hear the claims made by Carter about Bishop Blake.  Now it is no secrect that Carter has personally talked about me and called me everything, but Child of God along with other COGIC leaders.  I am reminded of the encouraging words of one of the Supervisors in the church shared with me at the Leadership Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico this past January, to hold my peace and let the Lord fight the battle and victory will be mine.

Earl Carter proclaimed that I, Sir William G. McCary, III is a peacock and struts.  Well he is right.  I am strutting now as I watch him loose.  Poor Earl is going to fall by the waste side and the church will roll on without him.  Not even 100 people would publicly stand with Cater and come forward nor has he ever been able to produce the mysterious grandmother and young man alleagedly violated by Bishop Blake.  Some may have supported him in private with finances like Brian Carn, Henry Shields, who booked him a room last year at the Holy Convocation, but they were not even willing to go public.  Earl Carter launched a diabolical attack on Bishop Blake due to his response to his pathetic sermon he preached at the Holy Convocation the previous year.  Bottom line is Earl folded and just was not good and had to kill homosexually to get the massive audience to get with him.  

This has not been Earl Carter’s first time ousted from the Church Of God In Chirst, but this time it is for good.  Many of you will recall when preached “Aliens Among Us” some years back at a Convocation in Memphis.  Rumor has it he was talking aganist the late Bishop Gilbert Earl Patterson and befor that he left COGIC and the late Bishop Chandler David Owens brought him in out of the wilderness.  However, this time he is gone and most likely for good.  Obnoxious Media is looking forward this case going before the judge and Bishop Blake coming out victorious.  

 Obnoxious Media spoke to Earl Carter and he said that Bishop Blake has jumped the gun and he actually until March 2, 2016 to re-file.  According to Carter his original counter lawsuit was incomplete and dismissed without prejudice due to his not providing proof or support of his claims.  Carter did not want to reveal what was incomplete nor did he want to speak to fact that people he mentioned names are publicicly supporting Bishop Blake.  He did want it to be clear that he working to get the additional information required by the judge and have in filed with the court by March 2.

Read below Try Williams, the Public Relations Firm representing Bishop Blake, statement regarding the judge dismissing Earl Carter’s counter claim below:

Bishop Charles Blake, Presiding Bishop of the fifth largest Christian denomination, and an Obama appointee to the Advisory Council of Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships, petitioned a Florida court to have a counter-claim filed by defendant, Minister Earl Carter, dismissed.

The court agreed with Bishop Blake’s assertion that the counter-claim lacked necessary facts to support Carter’s claim. 
Bishop Blake is the Presiding Bishop of the Church of God in Christ (COGIC) with a membership exceeding seven million and the pastor West.
Angeles Church of God in Christ, the largest churches in the Western United States, with a membership of over 24,000. “We are delighted that the court dismissed Mr. Carter’s meritless counter-claim,” said Uleses Henderson, General Counsel for COGIC.

The Order of the court noted, “The counter-claim lacks any supporting factual allegations and is otherwise noncompliant with the pleading standards of Rules 8(a). The Order concluded, “Defendant’s Counter Complaint (Doc 17), which the Court construes as a Counterclaim, is DISMISSED WITHOUT PREJUDICE.”
Bishop Blake’s defamation lawsuit against Mr. Carter remains before the court. The defamation lawsuit filed on Friday, December 11, 2015, in Orlando, Florida, notes “Over the past several months, Mr. Carter has engaged, and is threatening to continue engaging, in outrageous and malicious attacks upon Bishop Blake that should be punished to the maximum extent under the law. Mr. Carter has viciously used the Internet to falsely profess to the world that, among other things, Bishop Blake is immoral, homosexual and a pedophile. Mr. Carter’s goals are to destroy Bishop Blake’s stellar reputation, interfere with his relationship with Church Of God In Christ, Inc. (“COGIC”), and drive visitors to Mr. Carter’s websites where he seeks to illegally profit off of Bishop Blake’s good name.”

Many respected preachers have submitted letters of support for Blake. The letters are located on COGIC.org. Additionally, ministers who were mentioned in Carter’s videos have offered support for Blake. The complaint notes, “In the Flyer and YouTube videos, Mr. Carter has falsely attributed various untrue and defamatory statements about Bishop Blake to certain individuals who categorically deny that any of those allegations are true, while others have no first-hand knowledge of the untruths Mr. Carter asserts to be factual…” not aware of any “grandmother” who claims that Bishop Blake molested her grandson.”

Mr. Carter’s purposeful and continual attempts to defame Bishop Blake are egregious. The filing of the Dr. David Wright, a medical doctor and pastor of the Community Church Of God in Christ, declared, in response to Earl Carter’s repeated defamatory allegation, that a grandmother confided in him about alleged improper conduct with her grandson, “Specifically, I am not privy to any information that would support Mr. Carter’s charge that Bishop Blake is a pedophile or child molester. Bishop Blake has never, to my knowledge, engaged in any improper conduct with any minor, young adult, or anyone else. I am also defamation lawsuit was Bishop Blake’s only recourse to stop Mr. Carter’s harmful conduct and force the removal of defamatory videos from the Internet,” said Henderson.