Oakland City Councilwoman Desley Brooks Kicks Former Black Panther Party Founder Elaine Brown’s Ass In A Local Bar-B-Que Joint–Desley Brooks Must Resign From The City Council NOW!

Posted on February 17, 2016


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It is interesting that the same year as the 50th Anniversary of the founding of the Black Panther Party one of the former leaders gets jumped by a City of Oakland Council Member Desley Brooks.  This ghetto chick that acts like the ally cat she is should have never been an elected official.  To have the nerve to jump on a Civil Rights Activist in a Bar-B-Que joint due to her being challenged on some issues for the the people.  This is the same trashy woman originally from Louisiana   that told Paul Cobb, Publisher of the Oakland Post, a long time friend and mentor that ai was confused about my roll as a freelance reporter.  Desley Books and Elaine Brown were arguing because the ghetto city councilwoman was called out for taking money from developers and not looking out for the working poor.

Well it is a know fact that Desley Brooks is a liar and possibly a thief.  Every year around Thanksgiving Sports Agent Aaron Goodwin does a turkey give away.  Several elected officials and community stake holders are invited to participate.  Well, to get some good publicity for her low down tail she pitches the story to Paul Cobb, Publisher of the Oakland Post as if it was her event.  It was only until the Golden State Warriors Special Edition paper was being printed by The Post and Goodwin was asked to purchase an ad the truth came to light.  Of course Brooks tried to lie and backpedal when called on the carpet.    This woman is dangerous and no good and must come out of office!

Now read the details on the ass whipping she administered on Elaine Brown below: 

 A former head of the Black Panther Party has filed a police report and a claim against the city of Oakland alleging that she was assaulted by Councilwoman Desley Brooks at a popular downtown restaurant.

Elaine Brown, 72, is seeking monetary relief from the city, saying she suffered physical and emotional harm from the assault on Oct. 30 at 126 Broadway, which is the Everett and Jones Barbeque restaurant.
“City Council member Desley Brooks assaulted me in a dispute arising from city business,” Brown wrote in a one-page complaint released by the city.
According to the claim, Brown sought medical attention and wants more than $10,000 from the city. Persons who intend to file civil lawsuits against the city must first file claims.
The incident allegedly occurred around 6:30 p.m. at the soul food restaurant near Jack London Square, where sources say a small group of people had gathered to discuss affordable housing policies in the city.
Oakland Police Chief Sean Whent said Thursday that the department received a citizen’s crime report from Brown but that an officer had not interviewed her about the incident. Whent confirmed that the report said there was an argument and an assault, but he declined further comment pending interviews with witnesses and an investigation.
Police spokeswoman Johnna Watson said police are investigating, but officials refused to immediately release the police report.
 Neither Brown nor Brooks returned phone calls seeking comment.
Brown is a longtime Oakland figure who managed the campaign for the city’s first black mayor, Lionel Wilson, in 1977. She gained notoriety for running the Black Panther Party from 1974 to 1977, assuming leadership after the group’s founder, Huey Newton, fled to Cuba amid an investigation into the killing of a 17-year-old girl. She’s an author and prison rights advocate and works for Alameda County Supervisor Keith Carson on issues of youth and providing re-entry services for ex-offenders.
Brooks, 54, has been a city councilwoman for 13 years. She represents the city’s east side and heads the council’s public safety committee. She previously worked for Carson and as a trial attorney with the U.S. Department of Justice’s Immigration and Naturalization Service, a now-defunct agency.
One source who read the police report told The Chronicle that it states that an argument preceded the alleged assault and that Brooks noted Brown’s age but nonetheless did not hold back.
A criminal investigation would present yet another difficult ethical challenge for Brooks, who has faced other troubles as an elected official.
In 2013, Brooks and colleague Larry Reid were prominently mentioned in a city auditor’s report that identified examples of council interference, including the unauthorized financing of a teen recreation center organized by Brooks.
Asked to comment on the situation, Council President Lynette McElhaney said: “I expect there will be a thorough investigation through our legal department and any criminal investigation.”