Bishop Young Boy Booty Licking Eddie Lee Long Admits To His Congregation Today He Wanted To Commit Suicide

Posted on February 15, 2016


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Update!  Thanks to a member of my Obnoxious Street Committee for the viedo clip of Eddie Long’s disgraceful testimony that was a travesty before God.  After two minutes I almost began to vomit listening to this man lie and act as if he deserved the sympathy of people, who are more concerned about his sick perverted ass then the guys he viloated.  He is still being seen around Atlanta with young guys and being busted in compromising positions like at the nails shop or some young dude driving his Porsche SUV after and appointment at the Hair Club for Men in Atlanta.  It will be just a matter of time before he is busted again since he did not learn his lesson the first time.  

 Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Now I am sitting here at the NBA All Star game and my phone starts going bananas.    I am so nervous I need a Valum.  Anyway several members of my Obnoxious Street Committee have informed me that Bishop Young Boy Booty Licking Eddie Lee Long made some type of testimony about wanting to commit suicide today in church.  Well,  I must admit I do not feel sorry for him one bit he did not want to kill himself all those years he was eating those young boys asses and only did because he got caught.

Now I have not seen the clip, but find it down right deplorable and an admission of guilt.  Eddie is still doing his thing and acting as if nothing ever happened and it is disgrace before God.  Not once has he apologized to the Body of Christ, but in his arrogance continued to operate.  The day is coming when he will slip again and he will not get off so easy.
A screenshot of Centino Kemp’s response has been sent to Obnoxious Media and he is not holding back.  It is time for the guys to say hell with the money let me tell the world the real deal.  More guys need to be fearless and come forward and tell the truth about Eddie.  How many times did Jamal Parrish, Spencer LeGrande, Maurice Robinson, Anthony Flagg, and Centino Kemp wanted to kill themselves due to what Bishop Young Boy Booty Licking Eddie Lee Long did to them?  It is a shame and a disgrace before God to see all those fools surrounding that sleaze bay while he practically confessed.

  Obnoxious Media is working to obtain a copy of this diabolical testimony, if you have one please send it to ASAP!

Read the famous 5th accusers response below: