Brian Carn Revisited!  Brian Carn Alleagedly Gave A Young Woman In Texas A Sexually Transmitted Disease!

Posted on February 13, 2016



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Brian Carn revisited!  It is not surprise to any of you that follow my work know I was sued two years ago.  The first two times the case was dismissed and the third I did not appear in court due to not having being properly served. A default judgment of $150,000 was awared to the man that sued me.  After work and a good attorney the judgement was vacated.  However, during that time I did something I regret.  Under the advice of unwise council I apologized for things I was not sorry for and post to my blog that were actually true.  It was under that bad advise I removed some explosive post to my blog and that will never happen again.  One of those post was on Brian Carn and how he allegedly gave a young female by the name of Ashley Copeland a sexually transmitted disease.  That post and all the others I removed during that time will be revisited!

Brian Carn gave Earl Carter $3,000 dollars during the Church Of God In Christ Holy Convocation in St. Louis last November and Henry Shields known as the wheelchair preacher assisted Earl Carter in booking him a room at the Marriott.  It seems that it has come a time to draw a line in the sand and either you are for the presiding bishop or against him.  Supporting a man financially that has launched a diabolical attack on the Chief Apostle of the Church Of God In Christ clearly states you are against him.  Now all men in COGIC that open they doors to these men are supporting an effort to destroy a great leader.  Sheilds is rumored to charge the Saints a fee of $250 to book hotel room at the conventions, but did not charge Carter a dime.  Bishop Blake has even been kind enough to Henry to give him the opportunity to preach at his church, but he is nothing more than a Judus!  

Carl Peterson, an executive with Brian Carn Ministries  informed Obnoxious Media that Brian Carn is a multi millionaire and recently purchased a private plane.  The Bible says the Blessings of The Lord make rich and add no sorrow.  Well, it is time to make a decision.  If you love and support your leader how are you going to continue to open your doors to men that are assisting a man trying to destroy him. Carn has many rumors out on his personal life we dare not address, but Ashley Copeland was brave enough to come forward with her horrific encounter with him.

I, Sir William G. McCray, III and my Obnoxious Media team is working to repost and update everything that was removed under ill advise from a churchmen that was using this platform to move their own agenda.

One of many Brian Carn original post below:

Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Let me get a drum roll please! This is the follow post that you all have been waiting for and I cannot hold out any longer. Yes I am writing late at night and I am sure that this post will live up to my reputation of writing fast and not editing my work before posting the latest information reported to me, Mr. Obnoxious. To be frank it is difficult for me to report on this young brother, Brian Carn because as I have stated in previous post I do no want my voice and platform to be misunderstood as an attack on the ministers of the Gospel of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. However, it is a platform to provoke thought and spark discussion by revealing many of the ills of the church that many people would rather keep hidden. Far to often we are finding individuals coming in he Name of the Lord that are actually taking great advantage of the People of God. Many of the sheep are far to weak and unable to properly digest some of the great ills of the church. It is my sincere prayer that we will all grow from the great expose you find on my Obnoxious Blog. I, Mr. Obnoxious, know that many of the things discussed here are hurtful because of the truth spoken. You can no longer live in the fake Utopia crated in your delusional mind for the sake of the church. Rather you will learn that to get healed you have to get hurt. Many people when they are sick and must have surgery it is painful, but after their recovery they will be made whole.

 So you are not getting ready to enter surgery and I promise you it is going to be painful, but if you learn from this and after sometime in recovery you will be whole and able to run on for Christ and all of you that are reading this and may not have come to the knowledge of Christ know that preachers are just like another human being. You do not stop buying cars due to the own used car salesman that took you for a ride. Obnoxious is not the place you come to get salvation anyway, but where you come to get your good hot off the press information that sometimes will take you to the alter. 

The young wonder Brian Carn has been the subject of conversation on my Obnoxious Platform only three previous times. Although, I do not know him personally I have asked him on several occasions to address the constant allegations against him and his allegedly sexually promiscuous lifestyle. Consistently he has declined to address the matters with me directly. Although, he did share with me that he does not have any children. But according to members of the Obnoxious Street Committee we know of one little boy name Brian Carn III that lives with his mother in Smithville, Virginia, that looks very much like Brian could be his father. Now after more investigation we will reveal the details of the birth of the young lad. However the matter at hand is coming out of Houston, Texas. A little over a month ago we learned of a beautiful woman of God that had a boldness of Ruth and willingness to enter battle like Easter in the person of Overseer Tonya Davis, the spiritual mother of a young lady by the name of Ashley that had been a victim of Brian’s aggressive sexual appetite. After posting to my world famous Obnoxious Blog, which I am accused of being an unhappy homosexual that kills preachers (laughable) a photo of Twitter messages posted by Overseer Tonya Davis boldly calling Brian Carn out.

The next day after posting the information to my Obnoxious Blog I a comment was left by Overseer Davis and I reached out to her to further discuss the allegations. It was at that time she agreed to come on my live radio show, Obnoxious Radio Live the following day to discuss the matter live on air. Little did I know that Overseer Davis was going to reveal that not only did Brian Carn allegedly have sex with her spiritual daughter Ashley, but they accuse him of giving her and sexually transmitted disease (STD). Literally I hit the floor in the studio. Since that time Overseer Davis and Ashley met me in the studio before the end of the year for a live in-depth, exclusive interview. During that time Ashley shared with me how the relationship stated and how in less then a week’s time she was under Brian’s spell. He was quickly able to take advantage of the single mother that had for the most part turned her life around and was working in the church. 

The text messages below reveal in graphic detail the sexual desires and actions allegedly of Brian Carn. The cell phone number has since been disconnected, but contains vulgar language and number of curse words. During the interview with Ashley she shared how she was asked to have unprotected sex due to his telling her that he was the only special lady in his life. Not only do the text messages contain explicit sexual language, but it also allegedly reveals how Brian likes to use Skye to masturbate when he was not able to be physically with his sexual partner. Doggie style is the position of choice for the young evangelist according to the text messages. In addition, to the prophet serving hot sex on a platter he was also getting his women to be his sponsor and pay for their own way to be the object of his affection and to have sex with him. The text messages reveal that allegedly Brian asked the young single mother for money when he was in a jam. 

 After reading he text messages below and listening to the 90 plus minute interview you draw your own conclusion about Brian Carn and the matter at hand. However it seems safe to say something in the milk is not clean. According to Overseer Davis it is known that among Brain’s staff about his behavior and that many of the men around him cover for him. It is often said that his father, who he publicly declares in not saved, aids his son in his Ungodly lifestyle. Now it is questionable any pastor that would allow a young man to come and preach over their people with acquisitions to this degree alleged. Davis even reached out to his pastor Johnny Guns, who refused to address the matter with her. According to Ashley, Brian Carn allegedly gave her the STD Trichomonas, which women show symptoms while men may not. She stated that she has a horrible odor, discharge, and itching to the vaginal area and the only person that she was sexually active with that could have given her the STD was Brian

 If none of this is true Brian can easily address it and make it all go a way with a simple blood test, information from the cell phone provider that would prove the number was not listed under his name. Plus Brian was actually requested to appear on Radio 1000, with me to address all of the alleged allegations, but declined saying that it would not prove anything. No pastor that says he loves God and his members would take on the expense of bringing someone like the person described to their church to preach to their people if they do not have a serious ulterior motive, which is nothing other than money. If he is coming to your church then it might be time for you to checkout your membership. Have a conversation with your pastor as to why and how can someone with this type of reputation come and speak. It seems that at some point Brian Carn will have to address the allegations made by Overseer Tonya Davis and Bishop Jesse DeLano Ellis, who said he could never come back to his church unless it was for his funeral. Allegedly Brian tried to make a move on three women at Bishop Ellis’ church in one week, in which one was his very daughter. 

 Read the shocking 27 pages of the proof you all asked for about the alleged allegations below: