Boyz Gone Wild UPDATE!  Find Out Why Pastor Emmanuel Richardson Will Never Be Removed, Meet Bishop Freak-A-Leak Kenneth Wayne Carter, Plus Find Out What Timithy Smith, Ian Brooks, Antwan Terry Have been Up To & How All Roads Lead Back To Kerby Brown and Hezekiah Walker: WARNING PARENTAL DISGREASION ADVISED ADULT CONTENT DO NOT ENTER IF YOU ARE EASILY OFFENDED!!!!!

Posted on February 12, 2016


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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Well, there are some serious updates the explosive post released last week about Pastor Emmanuel Richardson and the alleaged love triangle with him and a guy named Timithy Smith of North Carlonia and Ian Brooks of Virginia.  As you well know it is said that Emmanuel would not let Tim go as his lover without a fight.  Accordingly to Tim he admittedly was involved in a homosexual relationship with Emmanuel, but was ready to break off due to the long distance, his lies, cheating, and controlling ways.  Tim dropped Emmanuel for Ian, adjutant to fomer lead singer of Hezekiah Walker’s Love Fellowship Crusade Choir, Kerby Brown, pastor of Greater Delivernce church in Danville, were Tim has been seen faithfully on the front row for the past two Sundays.

According to Kerby, Tim and Ian are only friends, but a recorded conversation at a IHOP last week after church would lead you to believe differently.  Plus who would tell their pastor they are in a homosexual relationship in the first place.  It seems that all have moved on with life as usual.  According to members of my Obnoxious Street CommitteeIan still functions as an elder and adjutant to Pastor Kerby Brown, who actually mention this blog in his sermon last week.  Tim Smith has yet to return to his own church since December 6 of last year when Emmanuel alleagedly slashed all four of his tiers, but has found refuge at Kerby’s church Greater Deliverance.  L. Antwan Terry, who was rumored to have participated in a threesome with Tim and Emmanuel was bold enough to have T-shirts made about the alleaged rumors.  Well he better give a cut to us here at Obnoxious Media because if it was not for our story he would not have a t-shirt to sell!

Seems Emmanuel Richardson is telling the world to kiss his ass!  
Lastly, it seems that Emmanuel Richardson has done the best for himself out of all the guys involved.  Many of you have contacted us here at Obnoxious Media about weather or not Emmanuel will be dicplined or removed as pastor of his church and the answer is clearly NO!  Most likely nothing will happen to him at all.  After all he was installed pastor after a post of him kissing one of his ex-lovers went viral on this very blog.  Emmanuel took a nude professional photo shoot displaying his full naked ass and what’s to pastor someone.  This fool could not take my dog to the dog pound let alone be my pastor! This is nothing new for him and this entire situation is new in his long line of tumultuous break ups with his male lovers,mBut it seems that Emmanuel has found a creepy old man in the CME Church that he has something in common with Emmanuel.  Kenneth Wayne Carter is a PJD (Pineapple Juice Drinker, Obnoxious word of on the Dow Low) like Emmanuel and even faced criminal and civil charges due to his freaky desires.  It seems that before coming to Atlanta, Kenneth Wayne Carter’s freaky was got him in trouble back in Texas.  We are confident Freak-A-Leak Kenneth Wayne Walker is having the time of his live living in Hot Lanta with all the boys the ATL has to offer.  Now only has Carter embraced Emmanuel, but a number of young preachers out the Pentacostal Church that sexuality is questionable.  Now get to reading the letters sent below:     

 Read several e-mails sent to me about Creepy Old Man Kenneth Wayne Carter below:

Dear Mr. Obnoxious,

I would like to stay ANONYMOUS PLEASE. In reference your post on Emmanuel Richardson.. Boys gone wild Have you checked his Bishop out? (The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree) Kenneth Carter who I refuse to call a Bishop has a history of homosexual activity and lost a civil case regarding his behavior.. The CME church was sued for $450,000 as an accomplice to his behavior but had it overturned with the warning of if it happens again the CME church would be liable.. A little googling and the court case should come up…oh for there are a lot of shenanigans going on in the CME church from top to bottom

He has never apologized for his behavior.. We having been wondering how many pastors under Carters charge are on the DL..we got hoeing bishops, money stealing bishops, heck that’s enough

We are ready to clean our Zion out just waiting for the exposure so we can elect new folks that are REAL ABOUT GOD!!

Petition to Remove KW Carter from the CME Church’s College of Bishops CME People CME People

In accordance with Chapter 43, Article 803 of the Book of Discipline (BOD) we, the undersigned members of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, do respectfully bring formal charges against Bishop Kenneth Wayne Carter for specifically violating church rules and law on adultery, homosexuality, sexual harassment, sexual misconduct and soiling the office of Bishop with his life. A Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault lawsuit was filed on April 25, 2007 in the 48th District Court of Tarrant Country in the State of Texas by Allen Scott against The Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, Senior Bishop William Graves and Bishop Kenneth Wayne Carter: Case Number 048-223708-07. On August 27, 2010 Bishop Carter was found guilty (liable for civil damages). The ruling was appealed. On January 5, 2012 the Court of Appeals, Second District of Texas affirmed the Trial Court’s verdict finding Bishop Carter liable for civil damages for the offense he committed against Minister Allen Scott, a member of the Texas clergy. A copy of the Appellate Court ruling is attached as Exhibit 1. Additionally, in accordance with Chapter 43, Article 803.1 of the BOD and now that the Appellate Court has rendered their ruling and affirmed the Trial Court’s verdict we request that you began formal disciplinary action proceeding against Bishop Carter immediately. While we fervently believe in the Power of the Blood of Jesus to save us from sin, this offense is undeserving of a Bishop in the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church. Bishop Carter voluntarily admitted in depositions to having the sexual encounter (he stated consensual) but more importantly he has been found liable for Sexual Assault in a civil court and the jury’s decision was affirmed by the Appellate Court. As a matter of principle and law Bishop Carter has violated the BOD of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, Articles Chapter 4, Articles 131.4(g) & (h) and Chapter 43 Articles 802. Therefore, we do not believe that an investigation is called for as outlined in Chapter 43, Article 803.1 is required. While we have Christian love for Bishop Carter, we are bound by the Holy Bible, as interpreted through the Book of Discipline of the CME Church. The Discipline definitively states that the Church condemns these actions. Therefore we request that you as Senior Bishop in conjunction with the College of Bishops of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church began without delay under the powers granted to you in the BOD dismiss Bishop Kenneth Wayne Carter of his Episcopal duties and remove him from the College of Bishops. Furthermore, in light the Texas State Court rulings, Bishop Carter should be suspended immediately pending his formal removal from the College of Bishops. Prayerfully submitted,

Details on Freak-A-Leak Kenneth Wayne Carter below:

Christian Methodist Episcopal Bishop Kenneth Wayne Carter has been suspended by the church until his criminal case is resolved. Carter, 51, was indicted by a Tarrant County grand jury last month on sexual assault charges involving a 46-year-old Dallas County man. The man was applying for a job as the bishop’s driver and says he was assaulted at Carter’s home in Arlington. Carter was released on $10,000 bail last week.

The CME’s College of Bishops made the decision to suspend Carter with pay during a special meeting last week. Under the suspension, Carter is barred from performing sacramental duties. Although his office is in Arlington, Carter presides over a district that includes Haiti, Ghana, Jamaica, Liberia and Nigeria, according to the church’s Web site. The church claims more than 800,000 members across the United States.
His duties were divided among the CME’s other bishops. Senior Bishop William Graves at the CME headquarters in Memphis did not return phone calls seeking comment. Carter and his attorney, Brian Salvant, did not return phone calls seeking comment. The accuser, a licensed minister at a CME church in Dallas, contends that the incident took place last year when he met with Carter about a driving job. The Star-Telegram does not routinely identify accusers in sexual assault cases.
The man went to the interview despite his misgivings about Carter’s “homosexual tendencies,” according to a lawsuit filed against Carter and the church. The man said he was assaulted during a tour of Carter’s home. Carter has said he had a consensual sexual encounter with the man, who he said was the aggressor, according to court records. Before being elected bishop in 2006, Carter served 10 years as pastor at the Carter Metropolitan CME Church in Fort Worth.

Christian Methodist Episcopal Bishop Kenneth Wayne Carter has been suspended by the church until his criminal case is resolved. Carter, 51, was indicted by a Tarrant County grand jury last month on sexual assault charges involving a 46-year-old Dallas County man. The man was applying for a job as the bishop’s driver and says he was assaulted at Carter’s home in Arlington. Carter was released on $10,000 bail last week.

Obnoxious Media has obtained the court documents in Bishop Kenneth Wayne Caeter’s case:   


Well, Tim likes to do a little more then dance and shout in church he might just go into the adult entertainment industry with the discovery of allegedly another sex tape of him.  Tell us if you think that is Timithy Smith below: