Living The Fab Life With Sir William Coming To You From Super Bowl 50!

Posted on February 4, 2016


Greetings to all my Fans, Friends, Readers, and Everyone Else you have got to keep up with me this week.  Yours Truly, Sir William has touched down in San Fransisco to cover Super Bowl 50!  Keep your eyes on the blog for up to date post on just what is happening at Super Bowl.

The discussion will include football, fashion, politics, and some of everything.  Plus we are going to examine racism in sports.  Super Bowl is incredible and I have been invited to so exclusive VIP events.  You will have an up close behind the scenes experience with me!

With 2 million plus readers I cannot go anywhere without being spotted by a fan.  What until you watch this amazing interview with a lady that faithfully followes my blog and even gets a notification every time I write a post!

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