The Divorce Is Final!  Bishop Jesse Davenport Filed For Divorce From Monique Due To Her New Found Friendship With Her Ex-husband Bishop Hezekiah Walker

Posted on February 3, 2016


 Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Without question I love my job and it is one exciting opportunities afforded to me.  Most times I get to attend and cover events that most people will only come close to via their television.  I, Sir William have been to The White House, Oscars, Grammys, NBA Star, and countless exclusive VIP functions, and in fact I am posting this story from Super Bowl week.  However, there are times when work crosses the lies of friendship and rumors trun out to be true.  Today is one of those times.  Last fall members of my Obnoxious Street Committee began to share with me rumors that Monique and Jesse Davenport were having serious issues.  To be honest I wanted to ignore it because I was so happy for Monique having come out of a tamaltious divoce from Grammy Award Winning Gospel Artist and Pastor Hezekiah Walker.  She walked away from that marriage with nothing similar to Tina Turner, other then her name Walker.

 It was at the Gospel Music Workshop of America in Atlanta that I reconnected with Monique.  While at student at Morehouse College, I was an elected officer to the Student Government Association and worked with Pastor Kenny Moals and a committee to have Hezekiah Walker and the Love Fellowship Crusade Chior do a live recording on our campus.  Needless to say it was no small undertaking with Morehouse and record company stipulations.  In fact, if you ever watch the video you will see me, Sir William, on the front row.  Proudly that album went on to earn Hez his first Grammy Award.  At that time Monique and Hez seemed to be a beautiful couple and had beautiful baby girl.  Hez, his Chior, best friend Eric McDaniel and a host of New Yorkers converged onto Morehouse campus for an incredible event.  I had the proud responsibility of personally seeing to it that our special guest, The Walker Family, was well taken care of during their stay.  

 Reconnecting with Monique was special and it was great to see her happily married to the huge Tyson Beckford looking dude.  Not long after I posted and article to my blog about Monique dropping Walker as her last name.  Now oddly enough Monique and Jesse were on the front row at Hez, Donald Lawrence, and Ricky Dillard concert.  However, it seems that was just when some of the troubles began.  After a number of years with no communication with Hez except through his business manager Sean Pennington, Monique and her ex-husband had become friends.  Not long ago I made the very difficult call to Monique to ask about her marriage.  Unfortunately, she confirmed that she and Jesse were not just separated, but in fact divorced.  We talked discussed how things seemed to have gone wrong and some of her issues with Jesse and some his problems with her.  The two seemed doomed form the start with Monique having had an association with Jesse’s wife through church and had began to date as his marriage was ending.

 Monique said never had Jesse been abusive to her and in fact they still loved each other dearly, but could not resolve their issues even with professional counseling.  According, to Monique, Jesse began to lash out at her in ministry and removed her as pastor due to how she addressed a young lady that had become to common with her husband.  The confrontation after church one Sunday and Jesse’s response did not help the situation.  He felt he needed to dicpline Monique instead of doing what he should had and cover his wife.  Jesse was also very upset that Monique was holding a past affair with an assistant many years ago before he was married to Monique, aganist him.  Also the issues with Monique’s daughter and problems of being a blended family were to much.  Jesse felt it was okay to spend time with his ex-wife and their kids during the holidays, but Monique could not do the same.  True to her New York form and after all she had been through with Hez, Monique was no longer going to bend.

Now during a talk with Jesse he confirmed he had become angry and filed for divorce, but never really intended to go through with it.  He described their situation as good until something would happen mainly centered around Monique insisting on maintaining a friendship with her Hez husband and the father of her child.  Now when I confronted Jesse with the question why he could and she could not he was biased in his response.  Jesse felt that since he did not have such an ugly divorce and because he was not abusive as he alleaged Hez was to Monique he could.  Jesse founded it extremely insulting to him as a man for his wife to go and hang out  with a man that he alleaged abandoned her and his child he explained to me.  Plus he said there all these other questionable things about Hez and why he and Monique split that he would rather not go into or it would be some problems.  Jesse admitted he is not the on to be played with and he would have no problem handling his business if necessary!  Monique’s thought was why should she have to give up close to 20 years of her life and could not be friends with her ex-husband.

 “Bro I cannot get with why she wanted to go to a choir anniversary for a man that dogged her,” Jesse explained.  “I take care of my wife and do not require to work she stays at home and watch games shows and soap operas all day or shop.”
Jesse shared he was not going to tolerate the embrassment of her taking photos with Hez and having to see it on social media.  Plus what really set him off was a second trip to Orlando when Monique stayed with her daughter at Hez’s mansion for their daughter’s birthday.  Now Hez was in fact there during the trip and Jesse knew it, but still the fact she stayed in a man’s home that mistreated her and her daughter.  It was brought to Jesse’s attention that Monique shared personal business about their marriage and church business and Hez suggested and recommended other churches in Charlotte to attend.  Jesse says he loves Monique and did not think the divorce process would be so fast in North Carlonia, but he was not going to be disrespected any longer.  

 When I questioned him about his being worried about the perception in the eyes of people he was not concerned.  He was honest and emphasized he would not live a lie because of church and the perception of others.  He went on to say that if the organization that he is a member decided to withhold his being Consencrated a Bishop he would continue to serve in the capacity he does currently.  Jesse Davenport presented an admirable quality to not be willing to lie for the perception of the church, but to be honest.  He did say that his church would not get an announcement, but if asked privately he would address it as necessary with his members.

Hopefully these two will meet each other half way and make it work.  Saints be praying for these two good people.