Bishop Are You My Daddy? Bishop Keith Henderson Step Daughter, Kolina Harrasion, Who Accused Him Of Rape Has A Baby Boy That Looks Like You Know Who! 

Posted on February 2, 2016


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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God meets Babies Are Us……Saints you may recall a post form last May for those of you that follow my blog about Bishop Keith Henderson.   He was accused of allegedly molesting his step daughter since she was 15 years-old.  Well for som reason the pastor of True Fellowship was suspended from his pastoral dudites pending and investigation.  Apparently the authorities did not have enough evidence to charge him with a crime.  Although, it has been reported he did admit to having touched his step daughter inappropriately.  Well, Saints the step daughter, Kolina Harrasion, who was pregnant at the time has now given birth to a bouncing baby boy.  Now it is not certain if Bishop Keith HENDERSON is the father or not and Obnoxious Media would never say if he is or not, but we will ask you to tell us what you think.  Below take a look at Bishop Keith Henderson and his step daughter’s son and tell us what you think.  Bishop Keith Henderson are you the baby daddy?


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Bishop Keith Henderson Removed As Pastor Of Ture Fellowship Church Mist Allegations By His Step-Daughter He Has Been Raping Her Since She Was 15

Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Let me be clear that I have heard this from more than one member of my Obnoxious Street Committee and like the Bible says, “Out of the mouth of two or three whitnesses let every word be established!” On Sunday before last I got a call from one of my good church snitches of what had gone down at True Fellowship. Due to the story being so fresh and hot all of the details had not yet been established until now.

Allegedly Bishop Keith Henderson, Pastor of True Fellowship in Oakland, California, has been molesting his step daughter since she was 15 years old. It is our understanding at Obnoxious Media this all came out two Sundays ago when the daughter of Bishop Henderson’s wife came forward with her allegation. According to Kolina, the daughter and victim, confessed out of fear for her life. Allegedly Bishop Henderson threatened her life if she ever told of his taking advantage of her. This story has an interesting twist, it just might be a recording of Henderson saying he will kill Kolina if she told, which just might be the nail in his coffin if it is real.

Insiders say Keith Henderson left his first wife for Kolina’s mother, who he is currently married to for now. Allegedly, Keith Henderson has been having sex with his step daughter the entire time he has been married to her mother. Not so sure if it was worth all of this to be a First Lady of a wanna-be bishop that just might be a sleaze-bag using the church to get over on the unsuspecting Saints of God.   

Bishop Anthony Lynn Willis officially removed Bishop Keith Henderson as pastor of True Fellowship and is said to have placed the Assistant Pastor, Elder Jabari Corgile as interim pastor of the church. Rumor has it that Keith Henderson is running for his life and is refusing to cooperate with the authorities on this matter. Sources say that Bishop Willis, during his remarks, implied the young lady might be mentally disturbed. However, if a young lady has been repeatedly raped by her step-father, who happens to be a preacher, for years that is enough to drive you crazy as HELL! The source went on to share that Bishop Willis explained it was not all it seemed to be, but did share with the congregation in attendance at True Fellowship that Keith Henderson just fondled his step daughter. Now, hopefully he was not implying that that made these allegations any better or okay.   

Obnoxious Media was able to reach Bishop Anthony Lynn Willis who confirmed he did take over the church, but that he did not make Elder Corgile the pastor. In fact, he said that he was the interim pastor. Although he mentioned the church loves the assistant pastor, he was not installed to oversee the church. He did mention that Keith Henderson was cooperating with the authorities and no arrest had been made as of yet. Bishop Willis confirmed the step daughter is presently expecting, but had no idea if her step-father, Bishop Keith Henderson was the father or not. Bishop Willis encouraged me to look into the background of the young lady and said it would be interesting what I would learn. Bishop Willis reached out to Keith Henderson to setup an interview with him and Obnoxious Media that was declined by Keith at the advice of his legal counsel. Obnoxious Media is still trying to reach the victim and her mother, but has yet to be successful.
Please read the e-mail sent to Mr. Obnoxious below:

  Dear Mr. McCray,

Did you hear about bishop Keith Henderson of true fellowship church Oakland, CA molesting his step daughter since she was 15. This came about last weekend when the young lady told her mother out of fear because bishop Henderson said that he was going to kill her if she mention to anyone about their relations. The young lady Kolina has bishOp Henderson recorded saying things like I’m going to kill you. Bishop Henderson left his first wife for the step daughters mother and was sleeping with the daughter the whole time. Bishop Anthoney Willis went to true fellowship and and put elder Jabari Corgile over the church because bishop Henderson is running for his life. Bishop Lynn Willis said that everything that the young girl was crazy but that would drive a young girl crazy when her pastor has been molesting her since age 15. Bishop Lynn Willis said that it wasn’t all that it seemed to be pertaining to what the young lady said that her bishop did to her. wills said that Henderson just Flundled around with the girl but even if he did that it’s still wrong.