Cam Newton Steps Off Plane Rocking Euro Cut Versace Pants!

Posted on February 1, 2016



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Obnoxious Sports meets Obnoxious Best Dressed/Worst Dressed……Cam Newton is known just as much for his fashion choices as he is for his touchdowns. Most recently, one of the Carolina Panthers quarterback’s looks has been getting a lot of attention, and the opinions are pretty strong.

The NFL star was recently spotted rocking a pair of statement Versace trousers while arriving in San Jose, California, for the Super Bowl. The fitted, printed pants retail for a hefty $849 and are a part of the designer’s Spring 2014 menswear collection.
The pants are amazing, but Cam could have made a better choice when it came to jacket and other accessories.  A black Tom Ford blazer and turtle neck would have been a much better choice and a solid black boot.  Fashion is supposed to be bold and about taking risk.  As for the pants being tight the fitted Euro cut is in and he definitely has the body to pull it off.

As expected, Twitter had a lot to say about Cam’s bold look and held no punches with their tweets. Take a look at a few, below:
We have a feeling Cam is unbothered by the hate, and has bigger fish to fry — i.e. the Super Bowl.
What do you think of the athlete’s get-up? Fab or nah?