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Follow me on Facebook William G. McCray III and Obnoxious.tv with William G. McCray III on Twitter @WilliamGMcCray and Instagram @SirWilliamGMcCrayIII to keep up on the latest!  After being stripped of his title in April for a hit-and-run accident, UFC’s Light Heavyweight Jon Bones Jones is facing new legal troubles. This time with the UFC. In a public press release Jon expressed outrage with the UFC’s decision to fine and potentially suspend him for his of AlphaFuel.

For the UFC to fine me for using AlphaFuel, but allow Vitor Belfort to fight me knowing he was on steroids… That’s ridiculous. AlphaFuel is completely legal.” – Jon Bones Jones

TMZ reporters caught up with Bones to ask about the UFC fine for his use of AlphaFuel. Bones was clearly irritated with the question and didn’t hesitate to show it with his answer.

I’ve been using AlphaFuel and AlphaCut for the last 5 months and the UFC knew about it on day 1. It’s the media who blew this out of proportion. Had you guys done research or maybe tried the combo, I wouldn’t be asked these nonsense questions.”

After determining the combo was both safe and legal, TMZ decided to take up Jon’s challenge and actually go as far as trying both AlphaFuel and AlphaCut in an exclusive TMZ case-study performed by very own chief editor – Danny Luther

It took four weeks to complete Jon Jone’s challenge. The final results were shocking to say the least and explain why the UFC fined Bones for his use of combo.

*(Danny Luther) – For our Case Study, I ordered free sample bottles of AlphaFuel and AlphaCut for the next 4 weeks. I documented the case-study below and have provided links for the bottles. Below you can see my results and testimonial. Use both products for similar results.

I put on 16 pounds of muscle while burning fat in under just one month using the AlphaFuel & AlphaCut combo. – Danny Luther (TMZ)

AlphaFuel has been clinically proven to:
Increase the speed of Metabolism by 70%
Boost testosterone production by over 60%

Boost energy Levels

AlphaCut has been clinically proven to:

Reduce Muscle repair time by over 40%
Increase Energy Levels by over 60%

Tone Muscle Appearance without jeopardizing Muscle Mass!

Week One:

It’s Day 7 of taking AlphaFuel and AlphaCut. I feel physically stronger, I actually did 65 push-ups today before bed and I still feel as if I could do another 100. Physically I don’t see much of a difference, I actually feel like I may have lost weight or muscle. I can’t tell yet. I’ll wait a bit more before I come to my conclusion. As far as muscle gains… I see none yet
Week Two:
It’s Day 14 and I think I may see some muscle growth, but it’s hard to tell. I got my on my scale last night and I definitely weigh less than I did when I started. I’ve lost about 4-5 pounds. It might be water weight lost. Interesting enough, I’m starting to see abs for the first time since I can remember. I remember being told abs are made in the kitchen, yet I haven’t exactly been eating healthy.
Week Three:
Its Day 21 and this stuff is definitely working, I got on the scale and now I’ve gained over 10 pounds, it might be more, it’s hard to tell because I’m losing fat and gaining muscle at the same time, it’s CRAZY! I also feel a lot stronger than I ever have. In ten days my experiment will be over I can’t wait for the final results..
Week Four:
It’s day 31 and my experiment is over. After 31 days of using AlphaFuel and AlphaCut, I gained 16 pounds of muscle. For the first time since I was 16, I can see abs. The girls are starting to notice, I feel a lot more confident with the gains I’ve gotten from the combo. I ran into a good friend who I hadn’t seen in years; he asked me if I’ve been working out and shocked when I told him I haven’t. I’ve definitely put on muscle mass while cutting fat at the same time. I feel and actually look like a beast!
In conclusion this stuff is amazing. Leave it to the People’s Champion to provide one of the best kept secrets to building muscle. To conduct your own study, follow the links we have provided, Free Complimentary Bottles; brought to you by the official suppliers for our readers!
You can put on muscle without ever touching a dumb-bell with the AlphaFuel & AlphaCut Combo.
Danny Luther
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