Odell Beckham Jr’s Over The Top Behavior Has Men And Women Questiong His Sexuality–What Is The Big Deal?

Posted on December 16, 2015


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Sassy NFL superstar Odell Beckham, Jr. is the most dancingest, ball catchingest athlete in the game whose “suspect” antics have sparked endless debate between the thirsty chicks who lust after him and salty dudes who’ve had enough of his “questionable” behavior.

Usually Obnoxious Media does not join such discussions, but in this competition world of media you almost have not choice to jump in on hot topics.  Now as a sports reporter and a huge fan we never read much into Odell’s antics other then he is just having a great time.  However, many of you out there think Odell may be a little to in touch with his feminine side.  What is wrong with this dude dancing and having fun?  Is it such a bad thing to post pictures with his male friends without out it being questioned and why is it not refreshing to have a black man with major money not exploiting women?  Finally, if he is gay or bisexual so what?  What is the big deal?

What you all should be worried about is these guys you all get mad at me for sharing screeshots of their gay website profiles, but live double lives!

Hit the flip for Odell’s most suspect moments (so far).

WHAT IS Odell Beckham Jr DOING????? pic.twitter.com/TFEtWhX9OT


Y’all MCM got his own MCM pic.twitter.com/dasvtBKQdY