Church Of God In Christ (COGIC) Presiding Bishop Charles Edward Blake, Sr. Sues Earl Carter For $75,000 Dollars–Presiding Bishop Of The Largest Pentacostal Christian Church The World-Member Of President Obama’s Religious Advisory Council – Finally Fights Back Against Claims He Is Gay, A Pedophile, And Getting Kickbacks 

Posted on December 16, 2015


Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God…….Obnoxious Media has tried to avoid coving this story as best we could without loosing creditableity.  It was our effort to not give Earl Carter the most desired platform.  Additionally, we are aware that if we did speak on the matter Earl would get the attention he wants.  It is most interesting that a year ago this was the same man singing the praises of Bishop Blake due to his being selected to be one of the preachers during the Church Of God In Christ (COGIC) Holy Convocation.  Earl’s so called sermon was not far from old Hell Fire and Brimstone Pentacostal messages until a demonic spirit over took him and he became vulgar and offensive.  Seemly the Saints liked his ranting and a number of men (some questionable themselves) stood out of peer pressure and out of an obligation if I join the crowd no one will think I am gay.  It is funny to see adults behave in a high school manner.

Let’s give you some information you did not know about Earl Carter.  Now this man that is leading a so-called campaign to destroy they very organization he says he loves and has no support of any one willing to come forward and stand with him.  After all this is America!  Home of the free land of the brave and he has a right to protest.  Earl could not get 100 people to stand with him if his life depended on it.  He actually called Bishop Blake and apologized for his remakes and confessed that he would do whatever he could to make things right.  Well, he says Bishop Blake told him he would get back to him. But never did.  However, that should have stopped him from calling again or flying to LA to request a meeting.  Earl did not of the above to make peace.  Bishop Blake has to protect the church and Earl has risen against and must be delt with accordingly.

Earl Carter stated this to attempt to extort money as he did in his home state of Florida.  Most people that quietly like to sit back throw rocks and hide their hand, but not more.  Obnoxious Media is going to give it up and call all names, times, dates, and places.  The Late Detroit Williams paid Earl $10,000 dollars when he threthen and bullied him about allegations he moleststed Daryl Mercer back when he was the Jurisdictional Minister of Music.  Now Detroit must have been scared and paid him.  He also entrapped the Late Supervisor Elizabeth Crooms, former church administrator for fighting against his being installed pastor.  Earl’s coach Bishop Samuel Nesbitt is dead, the former Chief Justice of the Church Of God In Chirst (COGIC) Judiciary Board resigned disgruntlal and bitter for never being made a Jurisdictional Bishop and living up to the legacy of his father.  He coached Earl on how to destroy Detroit Williams and to come aganist Mother Crooms.  He is fine when things are going his way, but when he gets mad he wants to attack.  

It was his friend Derrick Hutchins, who works on the Convocation Committee, that recommended his friend to preach.  Earl contrary to popular belief is not a pastor and surly no superintendent, but was a member of Huttchins church.  Due to his being a failure and having little to no appointments to preach as a traveling evangelist Derrick was trying to help him keep food on the table and preached him once a month and paid him $1,000 for close to a year.  In effort to resurrect Earl’s nonexistent ministry he made the ultimate mistake to recommend him to preach at Convocation.  Blake has been nice long enough and was not going to let Earl extort him and he done nothing wrong.  Many of you are not aware that Earl said he would go away for $3 million dollars.  Now he says in these YouTude clips since he cannot write, but claims to have a Ph.D., so he is reduced to viedo.  If he has evidence and alleaged victims come forward.  Obnoxious Media gives proof whe we make claims!  Earl has done nothing, but talk and produced nothing.  Earl claims he is at war so guess what we are ready to fight!

Read the details in Bishop Blake’s lawsuit against Earl Carter reported by DailyMail below:

EXCLUSIVE: Presiding bishop of fifth largest Christian church in US – and member of President Obama’s religious advisory council – fights back against claims he is a ‘gay pedophile’ who has ‘taken thousands of dollars in kickbacks’

Charles Blake is suing Pastor Earl Carter for $75,000 to stop his ‘crusade’

Says conduct is ‘extreme, outrageous, and beyond all bounds of decency’ 

Carter viciously attacked gays at the church’s annual meeting in 2014 

The church was appalled by the ferocity of Carter’s words, and apologized

Carter claims they threw him under the bus and has been unapologetic 

Has also accused Blake of molesting under-age boys during trips to Africa

Blake, who President Obama appointed to the White House Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships, is suing Carter asking for $75,000 along with an order to stop his crusade against him. Allegations include he slept with underage boys on trips to Africa 
Thousands of the Pentecostal faith’s leaders were stunned when Carter viciously attacked gays at the church’s annual meeting — called the Holy Convocation — in 2014.
‘I wish – if you really want to be a woman – you should get the whole package,’ Carter ranted at the meeting in St. Louis. ‘Meaning a woman’s monthly bleeding from your butt.’
The church – which goes by the acronym COGIC and preaches against homosexuality – was appalled by the ferocity of Carter’s words and after a media backlash, Bishop Blake publicly apologized on behalf of the church, leading Carter to claim he ‘threw him under the bus.’ Carter has been vociferous in his accusations and unapologetic.

Ever since Carter, 65, has turned his venom on the bishop, who has twice been elected to four-year terms at the helm of the church, accusing him of being gay, molesting under-age boys during trips to Africa, having sex with a now-dead openly gay Harvard professor and receiving kickbacks of $60-a-room from hotels where delegates to the annual convocations stayed.

Elder Earl Carter blasts Bishop Blake, alleges wrongdoing

He claimed that Blake regularly goes to South Africa ‘because little boys are accessible and you can’t go to jail. They won’t charge you.’ Blake is president of the Pan African Children’s Fund which helps children with AIDS on the continent
‘Why is he going over there? To lay with those little boys, all right?’ Carter said in one video. ‘He’s part of the gay manifesto.’
He even claimed Bishop Henry Ford, a former COGIC presiding bishop, who died in 1995, referred to Blake as ‘Charlene.’

also alleged that basketball great Magic Johnson – a member of Blake’s LA church – gave Blake $20 million for the apology. Johnson’s son EJ, who appears on the E! reality show Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, is gay, and Carter linked that fact to his claim that Johnson paid the bishop off.
In a YouTube video posted in September, Carter said of Blake: ‘He used the power of his office to bring destruction to my ministry in the Church of God in Christ. Now I’ve been teaching in the Church of God in Christ for 46 years. That’s how I make my living.
‘He wants my family to starve to death,’ added Carter, who was given one day in jail in 1995 after pleading down a third-degree felony charge of aggravated assault with intent to kill. ‘The man is diabolical. He is ungodly.’

 Carter also alleged that basketball great Magic Johnson gave Blake $20 million for the apology. Johnson’s son EJ, who appears on the E! reality show Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, is gay, and Carter linked that fact to his claim that Johnson paid the bishop off
  ‘I will fly on my own dime anywhere to give evidence for Bishop Blake,’ COGIC Pastor Derrick Hutchins (pictured) told Daily Mail Online during in an exclusive interview and shared the same statement with Obnoxious Media during the Convocation
Tens of thousands of people have now seen his videos piling on the attacks on Blake whose West Angeles Church of God in Christ has a membership of some 25,000.
But Blake, a 75-year-old grandfather of eight who is regularly included in Ebony Magazine’s annual list of the 100 most influential African Americans, insists none of it is true.

‘Mr. Carter
has viciously used the Internet to falsely profess to the world, that, among other things, Bishop Blake is immoral, homosexual and a pedophile,’ claim his court papers filed on Friday in Carter’s hometown of Orlando, Florida.
Mr. Carter’s goals are to destroy Bishop Blake’s stellar reputation, interfere with his relationship with Church of God in Christ, Inc. and drive visitors to Mr. Carter’s websites where he seeks to illegally profit off of Bishop Blake’s good name,’ the papers added.
Even those who Carter names as his witnesses say his accusations are lies.
‘I will fly on my own dime anywhere to give evidence for Bishop Blake,’ COGIC Pastor Derrick Hutchins told Daily Mail Online during in an exclusive interview. Carter claims Hutchins, who lives just five minutes from him in Orlando, has said that Blake is gay.
‘It’s lies — all lies,’ added Hutchins. ‘I have never said that to anyone. I admire Bishop Blake to the highest degree. What Earl Carter says is just false.’

Carter has viciously used the Internet to falsely profess to the world, that, among other things, Bishop Blake (pictured above) is immoral, homosexual and a pedophile,’ claim his court papers filed on Friday in Carter’s hometown of Orlando, Florida

said he employed Carter to preach in his New Life Church, giving him $1,000 for each monthly sermon. ‘That is something that is unheard of,’ he said. But after a year, he said Carter wanted more money and the arrangement was terminated.
‘Since then, he has said so many things against me, accusing me of idolatry, and said I was in cahoots with others. He doesn’t have any basis for anything he says, but he says it in such a way that it sounds like it’s the truth.’

 Carter said COGIC Auxiliary Bishop Patrick Wooten of Raleigh, North Carolina, had referred to Bishop Blake for at least 15 years as a ‘faggot.’ Wooden could not be contacted, but Hutchins said he too had denied ever saying such a thing.  However, Wooden son while living in Atlanta was openly gay and actively participated in the festive Gay Atlanta Nightlife.  Since he has gotten married moved back home and claming deliverance.  Wooten is a known republican and actively fought against same-sex marriage.

 Carter also claimed that Harvard Professor Peter Gomes had told retired Boston COGIC pastor Thomas Cross (note Cross sold the church he pastored in Virginia without members consent and moved to Boston with whore he was having an affair on his wife with he is not retired, but outed) that he had sex with Blake. Gomes – described in his New York Times obituary as ‘a thundering black Baptist preacher and for much of his life a conservative Republican celebrity’ – shocked his followers by coming out as gay in 1991, and spent the last 20 years of his life on what he described as a mission to address the religious causes of homophobia.

told Daily Mail Online he was with Blake when a team of COGIC leaders visited Gomes at his home in Massachusetts and knows for a fact that Blake went straight back to his hotel room after dinner, the time that Carter claims the two had sex.
But Cross confirmed the conversation with Gomes to Daily Mail Online. ‘What Peter Gomes told me is that he screwed Charles Blake. I believe Charles Blake is gay, people in the church have said that for 50 years. Derrick Hutchins is a liar.
Charles Blake went to YouTube to try to get Earl Carter’s videos off, but he couldn’t. Why would he do that if he had done nothing wrong?’
COGIC General Counsel Uleses Henderson told Daily Mail Online that Carter’s words had cause ‘immeasurable’ pain and suffering to the Bishop’s family, and he was now ‘compelled’ to file the suit. He described Carter’s claims as ‘preposterous, entirely unfounded and patently untrue.’
Bishop Blake refrained for several weeks from taking action against Mr. Carter hoping that Mr. Carter would have a change of heart and would, on his own, retract his false and defamatory accusations and apologize for the harm he has caused his family.
Mr. Carter has not done that and, instead, has escalated the nature of his false accusations, such that they are now extremely inflammatory and reckless.’

refused to comment. ‘Go ahead and run Bishop Blake’s story,’ said a woman who answered his phone.