Obnoxious Extreme Ratchet Behavior Exposed!  Something To Think About For Those Of You That Like To Have Casual Sex

Posted on December 3, 2015



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I sat on the side of the bed

After u just gave me ur body

It was ok

Will I call again

Probably not.

U seriously don’t understand 
what just happened

I gave u 

My pain

My hurt

And all the unidentified

One night stands

I did without a second thought

My toxic blood
Came in last place 

To the curve of my dick 

And this beautiful smile

I entered u 

Pushed in raw

No barrier

No questions

No concerns

U accepted 
My body

My semen 

As You moaned

My name

You didn’t care
So why should I

Im not ur man

U not my guy

And as I lay spent
Breathin hard

Sweatin heavy

I wonder will you 

Hate me

The way I hate them 

I kissed you lightly
Welcoming you into

A regime of daily pills

And endless prayers

No need to thank me

We both grown 

Consenting adults

Let me open a closed door
For ur future questions

No, I don’t love u
I won’t answer

Ur phone calls

Ur texts will go unanswered

And u are blocked on ALL 

My social media

And by the time 

Shit kick in

I’ll be one of many

To choose from

And shame will keep 

You silent

Then you become 

A monster like me
Written by jayjohnson1967