Obnoxious Breaking News!  Mariah Carey Rushed to the Hospital

Posted on December 3, 2015


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Obnoxious Breaking News!  There seems to be a virus going around Hollywood. Mariah Carey is the latest celeb to get benched by a bad case of the flu. In fact, the singer’s condition is so bad she’s been rushed to the hospital in New York City.

According to TMZ, Mimi is hooked up to IVs and is being “pumped full of fluids and vitamins” to help rid her body of the nasty illness. According to the site, she started feeling ill after her appearance at Pier 1 on Tuesday night, and by Wednesday it was so bad that her team hauled her into the emergency room. 
Mimi is scheduled to perform at Hot 97′s Hot for the Holidays concert on Saturday night. Hopefully doctors will give her the all-clear to hit the stage this weekend!