Church Of God In Chist (COGIC) Elder Jason Rashad Jones Attacked On Social Media By Alleaged Pastor Ron Howard

Posted on December 3, 2015



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Obnoxious Update!  Read a note sent to me by a member of my Obnoxious Street Committee.  It seems that Elder Will Jackson Walton has been caught in another lie.  He made up going to the funeral of a Bishop that did not exist!  Read the e-mail below:

Hello Mr. Obnoxious , 

I”M sure you don’t know me we met briefly at the Holy Convocation in St Louis, I really enjoy your blog and was reading the story about Jason Jones & Ron Howard,looking at that story I was looking at the posts that Will Jackson was making about a Bishop Charles Floode he does not exist I’ve searched the web and was looking for the man that they said had all the gospel stars at his homegoing including Joel Oldsteen,Kanye West and even Fantasia was said to be there can you find out about the Bishop, I would like to know.

Obnoxious Update!  Obnoxious media would like to issue a challenge for Pastor Ron Howard to post a video clip making his claims if he is in fact real and not a classic case of Catfish.  In fact we will take it a step further and challenge Elder Will Jackson Walton to make a video with his friend Pastor Ron Howard and post it to all your Social Media accounts!  Come out of that Conner Devil you cannot hide!

Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……It has been brought to our attention here at Obnoxious Media of a fight on Social Media where Jason Jones has been attacked.  Normally it is not or position to lead our large platform get involved in foolish battles such as this.  However, the founder of Obnoxious Media, Sir William G. McCray, III was mentioned.  According to Jason this all stated about six months ago when he put some disrespectful young preachers in their place.  In a weak retaliation the subject of Jason’s rebuke seems to have gotten mad and has gone to extreme lengths in his retaliation on Social Media.  Jason is a big boy and certainly capable of fighting his own battles, but when the McCray is used we must respond.  It seems that some fake Facebook accounts were created to make seems that it was some proof to the lies being told by Pastor Ron Howard.  

 Unfortunately, some business information and Jason got into the wrong hands and this jealous person is using to try to destroy his ministry.  It seems that a individual Jason entered a business agreement with that went bad aired his business to a mutual Facebook Friend that is using aganist him.  Where Jason and  Sir William names and images have been used to support the lie mixed with some knowledge of a bad business deal.  Now it seems the person has visited their efforts from six months ago.  Throwing rocks and hiding your hand is not a good look and soon the individual or individuals will be exposed.  Elder Will Jackson Walton was an active participant in this ridiculous lie, but denies any involvement now even though his same method is being used again.  If the man says he is not responsible then we will give him the benefit of the doubt.  Obnoxious Media thinks he is lying and will continue our digging for the truth.  In a screenshot below you will find a status posted by Elder Will Jackson Walton stating how well Ron Howard preached, but how can a man that does not exist preach?  Ron bring forward proof to back you claims on thes men or shut up!

Jason Jones has been accused of being gay, but where is his accuser?  Pastor Ron Howard or whoever you are come forward or shirt up and stop using the names of individuals that are in no way involved with you conflict with a fellow preacher.  Read the comments and post of the so called Pastor Ron Howard and tell us if this is the behavior of a Man of God.  If you have an issue with him then go to him directly, but this is a battle you will not win especially with Sir William!

Read the screeshots and judge for yourself on what is really going on in this situation below:


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