Black Gay Man In Philadelphia Escapes With His Life After Being Attacked By 7 Homophobic Men

Posted on December 2, 2015


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Drug Dealers and Killers Strike Again……A gay man in Philadelphia says he’s lucky to be alive after being attacked while walking home. Ta’ri Badil-Abish says he was headed home last Saturday when he was attacked by 7 men for being gay. He took to Facebook to share his story earlier this week. 

My names Ta’ri Badil-Abish I live in Philadelphia PA. I just wanted to share my story in hopes that you all be vigilant.
On Saturday 11/7 around 10:15pm in Philly walking home a few blocks from my home, I was attacked by 7 men for being gay. I never met these people before but apparently had been casing my schedule, due to me having a normal routine, and route home. I was beaten so badly I passed out, and was left for dead. I woke up later on sidewalk in which I was assaulted with no help from passers by, or neighbors. I eventually found my way home , and drove myself to the hospital. Due to this incident: I have lost 30% Vision in my left eye, Skull and facial fractures, and nerve damage that controls the muscles in your face, cracked ribs, and a few bumps and bruises.However i’m in fairly good spirits. I have had some emotional waves whenever I get a glance of my face in mirrors, but i’m trying to regain some sense of normalcy. I could have been dead from the amount of trauma to the head, but somehow managed to walk away fairly blessed.
Please be careful out there. I live in what is considered a suburb, and generally nice neighborhood of low crime compared to other areas.
I have faith I will heal, but the emotions attached to the experience will be something I never forget.
Released from the hopital on Sunday Ta’ri shared an update saying:

Hey everyone I’m out of the hospital, and very blessed to be.
I have 30% vision damage in my left eye with nerve damage. My face is fractured and my pain comes in waves. All in all I’m staying positive. Thank you for all the concern and reaching out… Im thankful for my life. Right now I’m highly emotionally and physically drained.

On his road to recovery.  Be sure to report hate crimes to the local authorities in your area!