Atlanta Falcon Running Back Tevin Coleman In Full Disclosure With His Naked Pics Being Leaked After He Claims He Was Catfished By An Alleged Female That Wanted To Hookup–WARNING PARENTAL ADVISORY ADULT CONTENT

Posted on December 2, 2015


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Obnoxious Sports meets Obnoxious Extreme Ratchet Behavior Exposed!  NFL running back Tevin Coleman of the Atlanta Falcons is the latest player to have his pictures leaked. According to a site that has a horrible reputation there’s a website out there that “catfish” ballers and asks them for naked pictures. Then when they send the pics, the site leaks them. Their first victim is Tevin.  

 Seems these football players are coming up with some very elaborate stories as to how their fully nude photos are getting out.  The bigger question is way are they taking them and sending their naked pics out to total strangers?  With their money and bodies it should not be hard to get any woman they want.  Something in the milk is not clean and in the words of my Big Momma “There is a dead cat on the line!”  It will come out sooner or later and trust Obnoxious Media will be the first to give you the details.  Tevin is a real Dirty Bird now!

 Several fans are now freaking-out, since Coleman’s face is clearly recognizable in the shameless selfies:

BlackPocahontas: “I question any man’s sexuality that sends out pics of his naked butt cheeks!!!”
@A_Katzman83: “If the runningback thing doesn’t work out, there’s always a market for male porn… the number 9 comes to mind hehe @Teco_Raww.”
 Neph: “I think it’s so corny to leak pics and videos and thirsty for anyone to send them to people who you aren’t in a relationship with. Hell, it’s risky to send them to people you ARE in a relationship with too. Many people are immature clowns. That being said, his body is A1.”
Coleman has yet to respond.