Obnoxious Exclusive!  In Honor Of World AIDS Day We Share Que Hayes Testimony 

Posted on December 1, 2015



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In honor of Wolrd AIDS Day Obnoxious Media is sharing Que Hayes powerful testimony.  Que’s post on his Facebook page speaks to the secret many people are living with on a daily basis.  Hear from him in his own words below:

Today is WORLD AIDS DAY! A month ago, this image received over 800 likes before it was reported and removed. How many likes will it get today? Who will report it today???? It brought all kinds of new followers and even exposed some ghost followers…Setting the stage for awareness!!! There are many people who are living in sadness, fear, hurt and pain because they are HIV positive and the STIGMA is killing them! People whisper. People condemn. Just as someone reported this image and had it removed, people are afraid of the NAKED TRUTH!!!! It is my purpose to help those living with this virus to see that they can LIVE in truth and have life ABUNDANTLY! If you are suffering in silence and just need someone to talk to, I’m here! In honor of World AIDS Day, THIS is my NAKED TRUTH! You too can LIVE!!! I’m here for you! No more deaths because of STIGMA! GET TESTED! KNOW YOUR STATUS! TAKE YOUR MEDS! LIVE!!!!! STOP THE STIGMA! If you stop killing us with the STIGMA, we could all LIVE with my NAKED TRUTH!!! -QSOLOMON!