Minister Demetris Faison Arrested For Sexual Battery Of A Minor–Previous Post On Minister Demetris Faison Revisited Allegedly Named As The Reason For Alienation Of Affection In Sharron Williams Divorce From William Artis Plus His Long List Of Alleged Homosexual Relationships With Elder Kelvin Scott And Pastor Derrick Phillips–Text Messages Photos And Proof Of His Long List Of Alleged Male Lovers–WARNING PARENTAL DISCRETION ADVISED Of An Adult Nature Enter At Your Own Risk!!!!!

Posted on November 22, 2015


Obnoxious Media has been informed that one subjects of our past post is now facing some very serious criminal charges.  During the Holy Convocation one of the members of the Obnoxious Street Committee brought it to our attention Demetris Faison was not in attendance and my not be able to travel out of state due to conditions of his bail.  Now all the details surrounding his arrest are still vague due to our informant not wanting to reveal details on the family of the alleged victim.  However, it is a fact that Demetris has been arrested and is facing some very serious charges that could land him in prison for a very long time.  It is still not yet to be determined if his recent arrest involves any of the men that he coordinated weddings and was also dating and sexing the grooms.  Read the note sent to me by a source very close to the situation below:

Dear Mr. Obnoxious 

This is the most I can say without exposing the identity of the family.

Minister Demetris Faison has been charged in a Sexual Battery Case with a male minor. If you remember you wrote a blog about Demetris Faison and his alleged relationships with married men and ministers. If found guilty, he will be labeled as a registered sex offender and punished to the fullest extent of the law. He will go to trial this month.

I want this on your blog to expose him to his church family as well as his past, current, and potential clients. If he is convicted and registered as a sex offender, his clients from his wedding planning business (Creative Touch Designs) should be made aware that it would be a crime for him to service their wedding in a venue around kids especially young boys. I am 100% sure his clients would drop him before restricting children from attending their wedding. Hence, flower girl and ring bearer. His church family should definitely be made aware of these charges due to young boys in the sanctuary. If the readers didn’t believe your first blog about him, this shows he is an alleged homosexual and sexual predator to even young boys.

This matter concerns the family of a local pastor in the Raleigh/Durham area. The pastor & his family have taken an indefinite leave of absence from the ministry. Also, please see pictures and link below as Demetris obviously paid to have his mugshot removed.

Read the original post on Minister Demetris Faison below:

Minister Demetris Faison Allegedly Named As The Reason For Alienation Of Affection In Sharron Williams Divorce From William Artis Plus His Long List Of Alleged Homosexual Relationships With Elder Kelvin Scott And Pastor Derrick Phillips–Text Messages Photos And Proof Of His Long List Of Alleged Male Lovers–WARNING PARENTAL DISCRETION ADVISED Of An Adult Nature Enter At Your Own Risk!!!!! 

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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Obnoxious Readers, Fans, Friends, Followers, and even Haters, thanks for your out pouring of love and support. Needless to say I am yet dealing with a legal matter, but will not stop my blog or be defeated. This expression is protected by my constitutional right! In this business the best of is have been sued it goes with the territory. Over ten members of my Obnoxious Street Committee have sent me tips on this story so many times and I have yet to move on it until now. While in St. Louis attending the Church Of God In Christ 107th Annual Holy Convocation my phone began to blow up about a young minister that has a very interesting life to say the least. In e-mails, Facebook in-boxes, and text messages got intense about the minister that just so happen to live in the North Carolina area that worked for and event planning company as a wedding coordinator. However, according to rumors and gossip this male wedding coordinator did a much better job at getting with his clients’ husbands-to-be then he did at actually putting together an event to remember.

Finally, one of the main informants that seemed a bit questionable, which is why he will be mentioned and revealed in this piece as well shared just who the tip was about out of North Carolina named Demetris Faison that was linked to several men of note. Allegedly the guys are all Pineapple Juice Drinkers “PJDs” (Obnoxious Word for on the Down Low) and Demetris found himself in court named as a defendant in a law suit allegedly by a woman named Sharron Williams that had hired him to coordinate her wedding and the way he showed his appreciation was to start sleeping with her husband before, during, and after the weeding. According to the source Kendrick Hines, Demetris Faison was rumored to have been named in the divorce proceedings of Sharron Williams from William Artis as the cause for alienation of affection. It is said that he works for Creative Touch Designs that was the company contracted to coordinate three weddings that he allegedly was responsible for break ups later.

 Kendrick Hines, close to the situation

Read Facebook in-box messages with Kendrick Hines


William Artis, ex-husband of Sharron Williams

During all of this Demetris found the time to allegedly have a beard by the name of Shekinah to add to the very complicated equation called his life. Many people seem to have doubted the rumors about Demetris sexuality due to his having a girlfriend. It seems that everyone Demetris comes in contact with for business he has strings attached to satisfy his personal needs and if the do not agree then he no longer does business with them. This very claims was made about Dejuan Jones, his photographer of choice for his weddings. Now calls were made to Dejuan, who was very unhappy about the call and questions about him and Demetris allegedly being sexually involved. The photographer stated that my call was nothing more then rumors and mess and that he was in no way involved with Demetris outside of business. I, Mr. Obnoxious quickly informed him that rumors, mess, gossip, conjecture is my business and I am damn good at it so answer the questions!

However, I really did not expect him to say we are involved and work for him. So the bottom line according to Kendrick Hines is that Demetris Faison was hired to coordinate a wedding while sexing the groom and the photographer he contracted to shoot the wedding. Now is that terrible or know of hot that he was bad enough to pull it off.

Now a second for more trustworthy member of my Obnoxious Street Committee had more alleged news about Demetris Faison that was even more jaw dropping. It seems that Demetris had a very serious relationship with a married man that is also an elder by the name of Kelvin Scott. According to the tipster Kelvin was a noted member of the ministerial staff at his church that fell over hills in love with Demetris so much to the point that he was willing to leave his wife and children to be with him and they had screenshots of the text messages where Kelvin asked Demetris to marry him on two occasions. Needless to say I was in shock, but to be fair I reached out to Kelvin who was very reluctant to talk to me about his very personal business, but I have great respect for the man admitting that he actually did fall in love with Demetris. During several conversations Kelvin admitted that he was married with two kids and was having a rough time in his marriage earlier this year and had connected with Demetris, who started out as just a friend. The two men quickly grew to be more then friends and it got personal and serious fast. Kelvin was so taken by his love for Demetris prior to sex that he want him in every aspect. He wanted to be more then just in a relationship with flings of hot sex, but he wanted to live and be with him in marriage. Either just unhappy or blinded by this new homosexual love Kelvin hit a point of no return that was declined by Demetris. During one of my talks with Kelvin he said he had never been involved with a man prior to Demetris, but it was something so intense and euphoric he had to have him not matter what and was willing to leave his white and kids and come out the closet. He had been officially turned out and it did not matter to him as long as he could be with Demetris. However, something happen. It was according to Kelvin almost like Demetris no longer wanted him after he was willing to give up so much. He said he was glad in the long run to have been rejected by the love of his live so he could come to himself. It was then that Kelvin realized it was best for him to focus on God and repairing his marriage to the point he admitted his affair with Demetris to his wife, but conveniently left out his marriage proposal to his male lover. His wife was willing to take him back no matter what that it did not matter what he had shared with her. Not sure if this is real love, or she was securing her investment, wanted security, but she took her husband back after know he is a PJD (now this woman clearly is a damn fool to be with him).

Kelvin Scott and his wife, he admitted to asking Demetris to marry him on at least two occasions










Demetris has no problem spreading his love around North Carolina nor catching a man. According to the third member of my Obnoxious Street Committee Demetris Faison was involved in a serious relationship with a pastor by the name of Alexander.

Obnoxious Media stands corrected and would like to apologize Pastor Derrick Phillips of The Rock in Raleigh, North Carolina, which has been confirmed by his Facebook page. In all fairness to him this is all alleged and he never returned phone calls or e-mails to discuss his connection with Demetris, but it is not him in a photo that was texted to Demetris. Now the rumors are the two guys were or might even still be a serious couple. Based upon the Bishop Young Boy Booty Licking Eddie Long type of pictures Derrick and Demetris were sending each other they were a bit more then just friends. Not sure if it is common practice for guys to send nude pics and photos in there underwear to each other or not.


Las Vegas trip with friends during happier times




   Insiders close to Demetris say he began to cut a number of his friends or alleged lovers off when he was contacted by me, Mr. Obnoxious and blocked me on all social media. This is another case of men living a lie that only comes out in the end.